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A former member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and now, one of their villains.

Nemesis Kid's real name was never revealed, but he was from the planet Myar. He excelled in alchemy and used his knowledge to give himself the power to defeat any single opponent. Applying for Legion membership, Nemesis Kid was accepted, but later revealed to be a Khund spy and thrown out of the team. He escaped capture by teleporting away from the Legion members who pursued him.

Nemesis Kid was later a member of Tarik the Mute's School for Super Villains and also part of the Legion of Super Villains.

He led the Legion of Super Villains in their bid to take over the planet Orando, home planet of Princess Projectra. When Projectra and her husband Karate Kid fought back, Nemesis Kid used his powers to defeat Karate Kid. Dying from the fight with Nemesis Kid, Karate Kid's last act was to save Orando from the villain's plan. Projectra in her grief, fought Nemesis Kid. Although his power allowed him to see past Projectra's illusions, Nemesis Kid was killed when Projectra broke his neck.

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