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Neon Genesis Evangelion OST 2
Released by King Records, KICA-290 on February 2, 1996.
Retail Price 3000 yen.
Total Time 62:45
(Japanese-import only)

The second Evangelion music album released. It contains all the greatest music from Evangelion Episodes 7 to 15. It followed on from the success of the Neon Genesis Evangelion OST 1 and made history in Japan by becoming the first anime soundtrack in nearly two decades to reach Number 1 on the Japanese album charts. As well as the numerous Shiro Sagisu BGM tracks on the CD, a new vocal song Yokan features as well as the TV size version of Cruel Angel's Thesis and five versions of Fly Me to the Moon. The track listing is as follows:

  1. Yokan
  2. Zankoku na Tenchi no THESE (Cruel Angel's Thesis ) (TV. Size Version) (Vocalist Yoko Takahashi) (Length 01:33.25)
  3. Borderline Case
  4. A Crystalline Night Sky
  5. Angel Attack II
  6. Angel Attack III
  7. Both of you, Dance Like You Want to Win!
  8. Waking up in the morning
  9. Background Music
  10. A Moment When Tension Breaks
  11. The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still
  12. Spending Time in Preparation
  13. She said, "Don't make others suffer for your personal hatred."
  14. Magamadiver
  15. Pleasure Principle
  16. The Beast II
  17. Thanatos
  18. Rei III
  19. When I Find Peace of Mind
  20. Fly Me to the Moon (TV. Size Version) (Vocalist CLAIRE) (Length 01:10.35)
  21. Fly Me to the Moon (Rei(#5)TV. Size Remix Version) (Vocalist Rei) (Length 01:10.30)
  22. Fly Me to the Moon (Rei(#6)TV. Size Remix Version) (Vocalist Rei) (Length 01:10.62)
  23. Jikai Yokoku
  24. Fly Me to the Moon (Aya Bossa Techno Version) (Vocalist Aya) (Length 03:52.23)
  25. Fly Me to the Moon (Aki Jungle Version) (Vocalist Aki) (Length 04:34.17)

The difference between Fly Me to the Moon (Rei(#5)TV. Size Remix Version) and Fly Me to the Moon (Rei(#6)TV. Size Remix Version) is that Anno Hideaki directed Megumi Hayashibara to sing as Rei Ayanami for #5 and as a ”unified person of Rei and Megumi Hayashibara for #6.

Note: Neon Genesis Evangelion OST 2 is the official full title of the CD. See Evangelion Music for further information about namespacing issues.

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