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Located in Mesquite, Texas (which for some reason was chosen to be the home state of some popular game developers), Nerve Software is an interesting brave new game developer company.
It wasn't until QuakeCon 2001 that this company stopped being anonymous and arrived right in the center of the biz, with interesting projects involving id Software.

The company was founded in mid-2001, by Brandon James, an ex-id worker, who worked on DooM among other titles, and Christian Cummings. Together they formed a team of ex-Rogue Entertainment workers, each one was part of the team responsible for the brilliant American McGee's Alice.

According to the information that was announced at QuakeCon 2001, Nerve Software is currently working on two projects:

Each project is being worked on these days, in collaboration with id. No doubt that Nerve is in good relations with id, probably because that James (President) is familiar with id, and the other members have worked for Rogue, a studio that collabrated too with id.

Nerve Software sounds good enough to me. Then again, everything related to id Software sounds good to me =].
The RtCW released test was quite promising, and I believe these kids has got some talent.

Homepage: http://nervesoftware.com
RtCW: http://castlewolfenstein.com/
id Software: http://idsoftware.com/
QuakeCon: http://quakecon.org/
Rogue Entertainment: http://rogue-ent.com/ (unavilable at the moment)

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