Ahh, probably the premiere choclate bar from Societe des Produits Nestle SA. Almost certainly properly referred to as just "Crunch" (The "Nestle" is in a different font and colour, nor is it particularly near the "Crunch").

I've just eaten a "White Crunch" (The "White" appears in very smallcaps above the "Crunch", in its own box). The packaging is cream, with the name Crunch in large, round-ended, sans serif caps, bold red. The text is on a strip of white that runs the length of the packet. The field and text are slightly skewhiff, with the left end lowered, the right raised. Above the left end is the word "Nestle" written in the usual logo style. Below the band is "White chocolate with crisped rice", in the same red, but normal weight, square-ended sans. The white field is outlined with a thin, dark-blue line. The milk chocolate version has the same packaging, but the cream is dark blue, and the "Nestle" is white, rather than dark blue.

Inside, one finds 31g of white product (Contains cocoa butter), or 33g of milk product (cocoa 30% milk 14%). Each has 10% crisped rice scattered through the fairly thin chocolate bar.

I love this product, both for the taste and the fact that it reminds me of my father buying them for me as a child, and I consider it a shame that Nestle have allowed the brand to stagnate to the extent where it is not found outside vending machines and large supermarkets.

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