Neurotically Yours - A flash animation series by Jonathan Ian Mathers of Ill Will Press (

This series follows the non-adventures of Germaine the goth chick and her pet squirrel, Foamy. Tastefully done (no nudity, though suggestive in places), this series mostly involves Foamy the Squirrel ranting about his peeve of the day, while Germaine, his owner, tries her best to ignore Foamy and write bad poetry.

The remainder of this writeup contains a complete episode guide, up to 06/12/2003, updated as IWP releases new episodes. Note that several of the episodes below (such as those labelled "interactive") do not appear as part of the "official" Neurotically Yours series, though they come from IWP and include the same characters as the rest of the series. These no longer appear on the IWP website, though the reader may still view them at Newgrounds, or any of a number of flash collection sites on the web.


Distractions (12/28/2002?) - Foamy makes a general nuisance of himself while Germaine types. No words.

Pen of Doom (12/28/2002?) - Germaine annoys a library patron (to death) with a clicky-pen. No words.

Innuendo Stare Down (01/04/2003) (interactive) - Germaine fellates a lollipop while staring down the viewer. You will lose. No words.

Shower of Terror (01/06/2003) - Germaine does a variation on the Psycho/Scream bathing scene, with the obvious "surprise" ending. Poor rubber duckie. No words.

Cemetery Flakes (01/14/2003) - Germaine catches up on her stargazing while lying in a graveyard. Foamy speaks for the first time, and practices a little amatuer necromancy.

Squirrel Pulpy Fiction Thing (01/15/2003) (interactive) - Foamy speaks articulately for the first time, encouraging the viewer to "rough [Germaine] up" a tad, a la a scene in Pulp Fiction.

Foamy Thoughts (01/17/2003) - Foamy talks nonstop while Germaine types and ignores him. We learn the location of Germaine's parents.

Maid of Horror (01/24/2003) (interactive) - Germaine the french maid provides "fan service" with a (predictable) twist. No words.

Squirrel Talk (01/31/2003) - Foamy rants while Germaine drinks a latte in a coffee shop. We learn Foamy's name for the first time (in the episode, not counting the title of "Foamy Thoughts").

Almost Serious Suicide (02/07/2003) - Germaine contemplates suicide while Foamy taunts her. Foamy sings for the first time (poorly, but far catchier than one might imagine). "Ah Boom boom booooom, ba-dooooom, booboom!".

Coffee Stop (02/14/2003?) - Strange guy at a coffee shop hits on Germaine. She kills him. Foamy babbles. First speaking role other than Foamy (not Germaine).

The Lollipop (02/23/2003?) - Germaine saves a lollipop from impending doom. No words.

A Postal Event (02/28/2003) - Germaine waits in line to mail a package while Foamy annoys the other people in line with her. Foamy sings (not much).

Club Advice (03/14/2003) - Germaine sits at a table in the back of a club, writing poetry, while Foamy rants about the how pathetic her life seems.

Foamy Fan Mail (03/28/2003) - Foamy replies to five emails from fans. Foamy rants about horny fanboys. "Your Lord and Master, Foamy".

A Musical view (04/11/2003) - Foamy rants about Metallica while Germaine listens to music. "Huaaahh!!"

Hypnotic Foamy (04/24/2003) - Germaine reads while Foamy tries to hypnotize her. Germaine speaks for the first time.

A Poetic Meal (05/08/2003) - Germaine orders fast food in a slightly unconventional manner. Another disposeable character speaks. "Meat... In a breaded enviroment!"

5 More Minutes (05/22/2003) - Foamy wants a bagel at 4:15am. With the cheese, the cheesy cheesy creamy cheesy, cheesy cheesy. Germaine wants to sleep for another five minutes. Beware the Squirrelly wrath.

Form Letter (06/04/2003) - Germaine responds to a form rejection letter from a potential publisher of her poetry. We finally learn Germaine's name.

Foamy Fan Mail 2: Postage Due (06/12/2003) - Foamy replies to five more letters from fans, including more ranting about horny fanboys, and much to our delight, Foamy sings for us once again.
As a devotee of Neurotically Yours, I feel compelled to continue pla's node, as Foamy and Germaine have continued their adventures with some new characters. Note that the episodes are listed in the order given on the IllWillPress website, and the dates are those given on Newgrounds (which is why they don't make sense).

Gas-E-Pop (10/07/2003) - Germaine guzzles down an entire bottle of soda and then belches for your entertainment. Foamy is repulsed.

The Wallet (25/06/2003) - Foamy finds an old lady's wallet on the street, and wonders what to do with it, leading to a huge fantasy as to what could happen to the owner if he returns it or not.

Meditational Melee (20/08/2003) - Germaine is doing transcendental meditation and Foamy tries to interrupt her quest to "transcend the pain of flesh and reach higher planes of consciousness". Foamy tries to sing, but doesn't get very far. For shame.

Super-Mystery Cult (25/07/2003) - While wading through pr0n and penis enlargement spam, Germaine discovers an invitation to join the Super-Mystery Cult of the Cyber-Satan. Not that funny.

Foamy's Rant (07/08/2003) - Foamy bitches about types of people he hates, including people who moan about their relationships (noders) and slimeballs with greasy slick hair. Almost surpasses Doonesbury in using one's cartoon as a personal soapbox.

Las Vegas Metal Fest 2003 (no date on Newgrounds) - Foamy, a metal fan, plugs the concert, while simultaneously attacking Metallica because, he feels, they killed Napster.

Open Mic Night (04/09/2003) - Foamy and Germaine partake in a open-mic poetry reading in some beatnik cafe somewhere. As always, Germaine's poetry gets a cold reception, while Foamy is applauded. "Philistines," Germaine comments.

Foamy Fan Mail III - Return to Sender (17/09/2003) - Foamy reluctantly reads yet more stupid emails. Although his aggravated responses are amusing, the high point must surely be the, "Dear Foamy, I don't care about seeing the goth chick naked, however, I would like to see you naked" letter. Foamy declares that this is definitely the last ever Foamy Fan Mail.

Nuts to You (24/09/2003) - Introduction of Foamy's mentally disturbed friend, Pilz-E. Pilz-E is on a lot of strong medication to control his various mental disorders and speaks impossibly fast. Together, he and Foamy throw lethal nuts at passing people in a park.

Spell-a-Casters (28/10/2003) - Germaine is trying to wicca it up over a tiny cauldron, chanting. Foamy dismisses her efforts, again promising the squirrely wrath he commands as a high warlock-priest. Then lightning strikes him, delaying the wrath.

Secret Admirer (08/10/2003) - Germaine gets a scented letter from a secret admirer. Her delight turns to dread as the initially lovely letter turns more and more sinister and stalkerish (there, I invented a new word). Foamy finds her terror amusing.

Elf Dreams (16/12/2003) - With her new copy of Lord Of the Things magazine, Germaine sits, getting aroused by the adventures of Lego-ass. Oooh, those pointy ears. A nice attack on the horny fanboys who want to see her naked.

Free Your Mind (11/12/2003) - The obligatory Matrix spoof. Foamy tries to kick Germaine's ass, The One style, but gets trapped in a very, VERY slow slow motion kick. A gag which almost manages to resurrect the long-dead joke of characters jumping and freezing in mid-flight while the camera spins around them.

Foamy's Rant II (24/11/2003) - Foamy complains again, this time about cell phones, people suing McDonalds and other evils of society. These are not popular among the Newgrounds community.

Non-Holiday Special (17/12/2003) - Another rant, this time about the overhyping and stupidity of holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving. Or: The Author Has No Original Ideas, Part 3.

Foamy's Card Cult (22/10/2003) - Foamy encourages you to join his Andre The Giant Has a Posse-style card cult, to 'spread the word of Foamy'. Goes on WAAAAAY too long.

Suggestion Box (31/12/2003) - Yet another rant, this time fairly entertaining, about banks. The alleged terrorist and FBI Agent from A Postal Event make cameos.

Squirrel Banter (10/12/2003) - A new character, the stereotypical British punk squirrel, Begley, is introduced. Enjoy the thrill of a cringeworth 'English' accent speeded up as he talks to Foamy and Pilz-E about squirrel stuff.

Small, Medium, Large (14/01/2004) - Foamy and Germaine attend their local coffee chain and Foamy is upset by the stupid names for the cup sizes, "Tall", "Grande" and "Viente". And the series is well and truly back on track.

Foamy Fan Mail IV - "Burn, baby, burn" (28/01/2004) - Foamy demonstrates his new technique for sorting and dealing with all the fanmail.

Dating Advice (11/02/2004) - Advice on dating and relationships, from Foamy. So, a rant.

The Owner (25/02/2004) - Foamy gives Pilz-E a tour of 'his' house, concluding the tour with the sleeping Germaine on the couch. Hilarious!

Sitcom Silliness (10/03/2004) - Foamy rants about sitcoms. Yet, this rant is good. Why? Because Germaine and her stalker (the pizza delivery guy) are sitting in the foreground. The Pizza Guy is trying his best to woo her, but she's not having any of it.

First Meeting of the Card Cult (24/03/2004) - Foamy addresses the members of the card cult (Begley and Pilz-E). Lots of shouting, and a memorable, E2-esque comment in the form of, "Damn the human body and its distractive properties!"

Fatkins Diet (07/04/2004) - Woo, a rant. Foamy goes on and on making some pretty valid points about low-carb dieting and body image. New title screen design for this, and Foamy sings! Woo! He also speaks a bit more slowly, which is nice.

Card Cult Update (21/04/2004) - Foamy rants at his fans about self-addressed stamped envelopes. Snore...

Foamy's Rant III (05/05/2004) - Foamy gripes in a very disturbing fashion about reality TV. Grasping desperately for shock value here, I think, with grotesque descriptions.

Eye Stigmata (19/05/2004) - Germaine looks for new spectacles while Pilz-E tells of his 'eye stigmata'. No, you have read that right, not astigmatism, but stigmata. "Jesus was cool with the healing and the forgiving of the stupid people". *grins*

Foamy Fan Mail V (02/06/2004) - Foamy actually reads more letters, but is borderline insane the whole way through. Naked!

Creative Issues (17/06/2004) - Part 1 of Germaine's hospital stay. Germaine refuses to take Foamy to the store because she's obsessively writing stuff down... and suffers a heart attack or something. Building to a punchline?

Hospital Stay (23/06/2004) - Part 2 of Germaine's hospital stay. Germaine sits in bed and says 'dude' way too much while Foamy shows her the Cardiology Channel.

Kavorkian Scarf (07/07/2004) - Part 3 of Germaine's hospital stay. Pilz-E visits Germaine, and puts on the blood pressure armband... around his neck. He claims it's a 'Kavorkian (sic) Scarf', and sings a wee song about it. Still waiting for the grand punchline.

Do's and Don't's (15/07/2004) - Part 4 of Germaine's interminable hospital stay. Germaine is released, and Foamy reads a list of rules to ensure she stays healthy. Including no orgies. This can't be the punchline episode... can it?

Squirrel Songs (29/07/2004) - Foamy sings for your entertainment to raise money to build a monument to himself. Let it be said near and far - this is one of the best Neurotically Yours cartoons, ever. The three songs are both catchy and tuneful, Foamy's comments in-between are genuinely amusing, and I've watched it more times than I'd like to admit. Hurrah!

A-KON (exclusive to for one week) - Only available for a limited time, this was used to introduce the A-Kon anime convention's safety rules. Foamy reads out the rules and says, "we don't need," far too many times, while Germaine sits at the back in a Sailor Moon costume playing with her boobs. Unfortunately, my browser crashed before I was able to save the .swf file.

Cloud Talk (18/08/2004) - Foamy and Germaine lie on a grassy knoll discussing the foolishness of humanity. Preachy!

Coffee House Propaganda (not on Newgrounds as of this writing) - Foamy confronts the Starschmucks guy over the 'how to order coffee and be stylish' flyer he's received. I left Canada six years ago, anyone care to tell me if this is for real - are Starbucks really this obnoxious now? (the cartoon is entertaining, by the way)

The beginner's guide to being a bitch-hermit - Fairly amusing top ten list on living indoors, seeing the world only via your DSL cable. Surely making Germaine even more desirable to her drooling fanbois?

Foamy Fan Mail VI - Foamy appears to have gotten over his hatred of fan mail and is very enthusiastic for this episode, the best comments being directed to the user of the Fatkins Diet.

Tech Support (17/09/2004) - Foamy calls the 'Smell Computers' tech support line and is stuck with an Indian support agent - with hilarious consequences. No, seriously, I swear Foamy is channelling me in this one, as I have a 'Smell' laptop and was given exactly the same bullshit 'support' from their staff! Suffice to say, this is a good 'un.

The Jiggly Butt - Germaine is concerned she's putting on weight, and demonstrates by making her buttocks wobble. Foamy declares this the worst cartoon ever made, but I wave my paw and say "bah", this combines the finest wobbling body part animation outside Japan with brilliant fanboy-baiting. Jiggle jiggle! It's a jellybutt!

Amityville Toaster - Foamy buys the toaster from the Amityville house off ebay (well, he says auction site, I hope it wasn't Yahoo! auctions) and demonstrates that putting in one bread product results in a different one being ejected, toasted. Amusing, but only the first two times.

Foamy's Rant IV - Foamy goes on about the Atkins Diet, AGAIN. Making the same points, AGAIN. The only new issue raised is the healthy menus in fast food places, but if he wants to break new ground with this series, he should stop using an ice cream spoon.

Passion of the Zombies - Foamy and Germaine debate going to see either Teh Passion of Christ or a zombie flick. But... isn't Jesus a zombie?

E-mail Malady - Germaine suffers from a deluge of 'schoolgirl titfucking spam.

So I said to my doctor - Pilz-E goes on a cute little rambling tale of doctors and coffee. Not bad.

Amplified Bible - In the bookshop, Foamy READS THE AMPLIFIED BIBLE BY SHOUTING LIKE THIS. Germaine meanwhile moans about the crappy Wicca books and ends up with a boob enlargement spell on her.

Paperback Bust - Pinned to the bed by her massive norks, Germaine is perved over by the creepy pizza guy. As her knockers reach anime proportions, Foamy arrives with a reversal spell. The pizza guy isn't happy. One for the fanbois.

Inner Demons - Foamy tries to exorcise Germaine's inner demons. Kinda amusing, but doesn't really go anywhere.

Foamy's Rant V - Foamy rants about double entendres and drunk people. I personally find his suggestion that people be encouraged to drive drunk extremely distasteful. Foamy's imagined consequences never take into account innocent people being killed by the drunk. I'm beginning to think the ideas well has run dry, and desperate controversy is all that remains for Neurotically yours.

Medicated Baby-heads - Pilz-E wants to fund his medication by babysitting. He gives all the babies a huge dose of tranquilizers and kills them all. WOW! DEAD BABIES! TAHT IS TEH FUNNEY!!!111shift+one111

The Hatta - A new friend for Foamy, 'The Hatta', who is a dark brown squirrel in a large hat with several piercings and a fluffy afro-like tail (complete with afro comb). I actually laughed at this, but I dread to think that Neurotically Yours is having to play the race card to get laughs now.

Yesterday Mail - Mail that arrives before you send it! Foamy's new idea. Also might be connected to the exploding German toad phenomena.

Channels - Barely disguised rant as Foamy and The Hatta complain about TV. Only that good for the jabs at Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Still, rants are far more watchable when you've got two people bouncing the rant back and forth.

A Pair of Pants - Germaine is in 'Pag' (which, amazingly, is also what I used to call Gap) looking for a new pair of pants. Unfortunately, everything has a ludicrous sexual word on the back. Foamy, unusually, doesn't seem to understand this side of humanity, which is a bit OOC.

Biggest Fear - Foamy reveals his biggest fear - exploding teeth. Vaguely amusing joke that can't really be stretched into a whole cartoon though, despite a Yoda impression.

Foamy Fanmail VII - Pilz-E Postmark - The fanmail gets hijacked and read by Pilz-E, who seems to be on tranquilizers or something as his speech is much less frenzied. Not funny, and Germaine just belches constantly for no reason.

Open-Mic Night II - Germaine, the pizza dude and Pilz-E read out poetry. Germaine and the pizza dude are drawn differently, and the pizza dude alludes to (which, I'm sad to say, I *have* checked and it does exist, although she's not naked. He must really got a lot of demands for her to get naked. The final irony is that his banner at the top for Lollipop Teens *does* have maked goth chickies.)

Handmade Clothes - Germaine is sewing some clothes. This episode seems to mark the start of a new era of Foamy, as it's genuinely funny, with Simpsons-style cutaways to illustrate jokes. Slutwear!

Sacred Space - Foamy interrupts Germaine's TM by defiling her sacred space. Goes on a bit too long, but defile defile!!!

Drugs in your head - Yet another rant, about medicinal marijuana, crack, ADD and other things. Shockingly, makes very good points and is very funny! A good head of steam has been built up for the series after a LONG lull.

Unmentionable Auction - To raise money for his card cult, Foamy sells Germaine's undergarments online. Truly a classic episode - "Any one of your orifices is a potential goldmine! Stick this lollipop up your butt and you can pay your rent with it!"

Notable Fan Films and the community

Foamy's seemingly endless rants have ticked off quite a large number of Newgrounds members, not least of all because they feel that shouting a rant, speeding it up to sound like Foamy and then just moving his graphic around a static backdrop for 3 minutes while the rant plays is hardly creative or worthy of praise. I tend to agree. A large number of 'Kill Foamy' movies have sprung up, the best being "Shut up, Foamy!" in which Foamy has his neck snapped mid-rant.

Also noteworthy is "Foamy Final F'ing Fanmail" which is an excellent film satirizing Foamy's abusive attitude to his fans. In fact, simply typing 'foamy' into a Newgrounds Portal search will turn up plenty of Foamy-hate movies. Many of these films prove their point that Neurotically Yours is easy to produce by being indistinguishable from the real thing. Motion-tweening isn't that hard, after all.

IMHO, Neurotically Yours is a pretty solid flash series. If you avoid most of the rants, you'll find original jokes, entertaining stories and likable characters. It's got the power to appeal not just to geeks but also girlfriends, parents, and other groups for whom arfenhouse and Retarded Animal Babies would sail straight over their heads.

Foamy Trivia

  • John Frum, mentioned in the Super-Mystery Cult episode, was a real US Army GI who convinced natives to work as labourers with the promise of great rewards later. These rewards of tools and other modern goods arriving in huge crates has become known as the Cargo Cult. Foamy's demand for icecream and a motorcycle is apparently what the belief in Frum has evolved into since the Second World War among the still-hopeful islanders.
  • Dawn Bennett, voice of Germaine, was recently in hospital for an undisclosed reason.
  • Germaine uses a Dell laptop (hence the circle on the back of the lid)
  • A prototype plushie Foamy was made, and was sold on ebay.
  • IT IS POSSIBLE to beat the Innuendo Stare Down episode. One frame of the animation turns the pupil of Germaine's left eye (her left) clickable, so just click furiously on her eye and eventually you're defeat her. Your reward? A lingerie shot. Sadly, the author has taken the movie off Newgrounds as he's feels it's not funny any more.
  • Mathers and Bennett appear to live in Yonkers, New York.
  • National Lampoon offered Mathers a contract, giving them exclusive rights to the series. He declined, deciding to keep it on Newgrounds where its roots lie. He observes the irony in sacrificing a large sum of money just so people can bitch about his cartoons and make insulting satires.
  • Foamy's new fanmail set has an Alienware laptop - although it looks a bit more like a crystal X-Box with the lid cut off.
  • Foamy DVDs signed by the cast can fetch $70 on eBay!
  • This node is regularly updated

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