Originally from Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Campbell joined the National Ballet School of Canada at age nine, and in the early nineties performed as a dancer in the Toronto production of The Phantom of the Opera.

Most of us here in Canada recall Neve Campbell from her role as Daisy on Catwalk, which first aired on YTV in 1992, and continued in reruns for a long time after. I used to watch that show every night, but now for the life of me I can't remember what instrument she played, guitar or keyboards? If you know msg me. Thanks.

For the rest of the world, Campbell is best known for her roles as Julia Salinger in Party of Five, and Sidney in the Wes Craven horror trilogy Scream.

Incomplete filmography:

Campbell was married in 1995 to Jeffrey Colt, and divorced in 1997.

"When I look back on it now, I am so glad that the one thing that I had in my life was my belief that everything in life is a learning experience, whether it be positive or negative. If you can see it as a learning experience, you can turn any negative into a positive."

~Neve Campbell NY Daily News (this is good advice, especially for new noders)

The official Neve Campbell fan club is run by her cousin, Christian, and can be found at http://www.nevecampbell.org/.

with info from http://www.imdb.com/.

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