Aside from wise words of advice, Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head and Other Drawings is a book of cartoons by artist B. Kliban. First published in 1976, the book keeps with true Kliban-esque humor. That is, bizarre, somewhat disturbing and absolutely wonderful. It's tough to find a good copy, but it's an absurdist treasure.

A few drawings that are easily describable (credit goes to Txikwa for the excellent layout of Whack Your Porcupine, which I have ripped off):

What Did the City of New York Do with King Kong? -- A diner with several customers eating burgers.

Cynthia is Mistakenly Crowned King of Norway -- A woman holding groceries in a parking lot is having a crown placed on her head, followed by a crowd of people.

Q & A -- "Why do you hang around with that sadist?" "Beats me!"

Humorous Drawing -- Monroe's School of Arson, ablaze.

Map Filth -- North America calls across the Atlantic, "Hey, Europe! Eat my Florida!"

People Who Don't Brush Teeth -- A mother holds her son over a vat, with filthy people peeking out.

Freud's First Slip -- The doctor admires himself in his new slip.

Fruit -- A pear, a pple.

Victor Grows More Suspicious Hourly -- Victor hides behind a tree, watching a group of men in bear costumes, without the bear head.

hapax tells me Nurse With Wound wrote a song with this sentence as it's only line.

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