This can be a somewhat harrowing task. The first trick is to word your job vacancy advert right. This should reflect the type of person you are after, immediately weed out the riffraff, and ensure you get the right qualifications/experience/skills you need. Remember that you can always train somebody up that is not quite up to scratch, but may have to pay more for somebody over-qualified.

You should always re-interview candidates that you are fairly happy with. The reason for this is that (and we were stung with this one) anyone can impress you in a first interview, but getting them back again should re-affirm your feelings on them. One interview is not enough if you are to work with them, or trust them with your business.

Always have in the back of your mind that whatever this person will be doing in their job will directly reflect on you, so if you are unhappy with anything – don’t employ them. Better to go a few more days without filling that role, than to scare off customers, or jeopardise any business.

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