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Shin Chitose Kûkô is the principal airport in Sapporo, Japan, built to replace the old airfield at Okadama. The official IATA airport code is CTS, but the airport is sometimes coded SPK. It has two parallel north-south runways numbered 01/19, both 3000 meters.

Chitose is the fifth-largest airport in the country after the airports in Tokyo and Osaka, and is served by Air Do, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, Japan Air System, Cathay Pacific Airways, Continental Airlines, Korean Air, Sakhalin Airlines, China Northern Airlines, and China Northwest Airlines with flights connecting it to most cities in Japan and several major cities in Asia.

The terminal building is a two-story semicircle, with arrivals on the first floor and departures on the second floor. There is a HUGE shopping area on the second floor where you can buy all sorts of omiyage, but be wary—there's an old biatch at a cookie kiosk who will try to short-change you. Oh yeah, be sure to get some Sapporo beer while you're there.

Sapporo is a ninety-minute flight from Tokyo and a two-hour flight from Osaka. The lion's share of its flights are going to and from Tokyo International Airport—48 a day, making the route the busiest air corridor on Earth.

To travel between the airport and the city, you'll probably want to take JR. There are two trains: a high-speed train that takes 36 minutes and costs 1,040 yen, and a local train that takes 50 minutes and costs 810 yen. Choose wisely.

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