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The home of a benevolent group of New Gods. New Genesis and its inhabitants were created by Jack Kirby.

In the distant past, the old gods were destroyed in a massive battle which also destroyed their home planet. The remains of the planet reformed into two new planets, Apokolips and New Genesis.

New Genesis became the home of the benevolent New Gods and was a place of beauty and peace. The inhabitants were ruled by Inzya, who was given the title Highfather. The major city on the planet is called Supertown.

New Genesis and Apokolips existed in peaceful co-existence until Avia, the beloved wife of Inzya, was killed by Steppenwolf, an agent of Darkseid. War erupted between the two worlds and lasted for many years until the two leaders came to terms on a cease fire. The agreement involved the exchanging of the two leaders sons, each to be raised without the knowledge of their origins on the other world. Inzya's son, Scott Free was raised on Apokolips in the orphanages of Granny Goodness and Orion, the son of Darkseid was raised on New Genesis.

Peace between the two planets again lasted for many years until the plot of Darkseid to uncover the Anti-Life equation from the minds of the humans from Earth was discovered. This again threw the two worlds into war with the inhabitants of New Genesis seeking to defend the people of Earth.

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