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For the longest time, fans of Kevin Smith have wished for a boxed set of the New Jersey Trilogy. They wished to purchase their favorite movies all as one item, making it all the more special and not to mention portable.

Unfortunately, as Kevin Smith and others at View Askew explained, this was impossible. Clerks and Chasing Amy were distributed by Buena Vista Home Video, while Mallrats was Universal Studios. The chance of obtaining consent of both companies and getting through the mountains of red tape involved was simply not feasible.

Enter Paul Champagne. A big movie fan, he enjoyed creating custom DVD boxes as a hobby and occasionally selling them on Ebay. On a lark, he created a box for the New Jersey Trilogy and put it up for auction. After receiving 900 hits and an ending price of $71.00, Paul received a email from Kevin Smith himself. Paul was hired to make an official box for View Askew. Thus, the New Jersey Trilogy Boxed Set Box was born.

The end product is terrific, with custom artwork by Steve Silver, one of the cartoonists for the ill-fated Clerks cartoon show. It fits the DVDs you already own (or intend to own) perfectly. A must have for any Kevin Smith fan.

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