As of today (October 24, 2000), in the United States, the national blood alcohol level that will get one nabbed for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is .08. The legislation defining this new standard was signed into law by President William Clinton. Immediately, this has little effect. But, it is likely that individual states will move to adpot this new definition, or face having some federal highway funds withheld (A significant number of states have already adopted this new level prior to the new law). Compliance is expected within 2-3 years. After that time, funds are withheld, but states who adopt the new measure as late as 2007 will have an opportunity to reclaim some of those funds.

As an example: A woman of 120 pounds, drinking 2 six ounce glasses of wine on an empty stomach within 2 hours will likely be at the .08 level.

Why one would drink on an empty stomach is another issue entirely.


A gentle and timely reminder from a noder leads me to note that this information was garnered from National Public Radio (NPR).

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