Hey, fellow dealers, how the fuck are you?

New opportunity, and wow, are there a LOT of people who are going to buy in to this one!

So, it turns out that our next big market is spoiled yuppie fucks avoiding suffering.


Yeah, you heard me right. Ok, so these people have perfect lives and they are determined to have perfect deaths too. Washington State and others have laws in place for people who are terminal. If two doctors agree the person is terminal with less than six months to live, and that the mother fucker is not completely fucking out of his/her mind, and the person signs paperwork and waits a month: yay, they can get lethal pills and off themselves. Surrounded by loving tearful family and friends.

So where's the fucking opportunity?

Well, remember, we are talking yuppie control freaks. They want to control death too. They don't WANT to wait until they are terminal, they want to set it up in advance and most importantly: they think they are smart and they are TERRIFIED of dementia.

Now, dementia is a fucking circus. There are about 15 types now, all different, all confusing, and with the garbage bag Alzheimer's it takes an average of eight years to die. So dementia ain't terminal until it is.

There is a movement about Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking. Anyone can do this. Like, it's fucking traditional, right? Fasting, protest starving, hunger strike and yeah, the dementia people eventually forget to eat and drink. They slither into kidney failure, pain free and croak. No problem. Looks pretty good to docs. BUT the yuppie control freaks don't fucking want to SUFFER the PANGS of THIRST or HUNGER. So the fuckers want their doctors to give them drugs ... yeah, morphine ... to STOP THE SUFFERING.

Ah. You get it.

Well, there ain't no laws around it yet. So, are we cool with a yuppie control freak deciding s/he has a touch of dementia, might possibly suffer next week and announcing to their family that ok, this is it, they are going to Voluntarily Stop Eating and Drinking and now they want their family to drug the shit out of them until they die?


The physicians ain't on board. They are if the person fits all the shit in the law, but otherwise this pretty much looks like suicide. The deal is that if the person has "unendurable suffering" at the end of life, ok, the physicians agree. Unendurable suffering is not a hangnail. Astrocytoma brain tumor? Yeah, ok, though some people still choose to live as long as they can.

So, we need to step up. Hey, we KNOW WE can kill them, no problem. A nice fentanyl and heroin cocktail or carfentanil, and the family is not going to have to wait for them to die of dehydration over one to two weeks. Clean, fast, we aim to serve. No problem, we have your fix.

Charge them the moon.


For grundoon, who fought so hard to live.

I wanna be sedated
Iron Noder: Tokyo Drift 8

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