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The Newark Bears are a baseball team in the Atlantic League, which is a new, small league outside of the Major League Baseball farm system. The stadium is in downtown Newark, NJ as part of an urban renewal program: the idea being to bring family entertainment and business back to downtown areas in order to stimulate the urban economy.

Newark was home to two teams in the first half of the twentieth century: the Newark Indians played Class AAA baseball, changing their name to the Bears in 1931. The Negro League team the Newark Eagles was formed by the merger of the Newark Dodgers with the Brooklyn Eagles in 1936. But professional baseball left Newark in 1950 when the Eagles left town, the Bears having moved to Springfield, IL the year before. The modern Newark Bears began this incarnation in 1998 with the formation of the Atlantic League. The stadium wasn't ready for the first season, so they just played away games until the next season.

The Bears just announced that they signed former New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons quarterback Danny Kanell to their roster. Apparently before leading the Florida State University Seminoles, Kanell was an able baseball player.

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