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U.S. based television channel Nickelodeon's nightly programming.

Nick at Nite has been around for at least twenty years and was originally designated for airing classic TV shows such as Mr. Ed, Bewitched, Dick Van Dike and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The idea was to take smash hit TV shows from the past and re-air them, thus milking their popularity to the greatest extent. The scheme worked and became wildly popular with Generation Xer's. Nick at Nite has become somewhat of a pop culture icon, and is referred to numerously in both literature and television all over.

Within the last five years, marketing has shifted to suit younger generations and Nick at Nite programming has become home to such "modern TV classics" as The Cosby Show, Cheers, and recent addition Roseanne.

Spin-off channel TV Land was created a few years ago and airs solely the classic tv shows of old Nick at Nite--but with greater variety and minus the night time restriction.

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