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Many small villages get called Hamlets mistakenly; Nimlet is a true Hamlet. There is no church, shop, post office or any sort of public service to speak of. Without the road sign informing you that you were entering Nimlet Iā€™m sure many motorists would pass through completely unaware of its existence. It consists of a few stone houses along the road side (A36) and a couple of farms.


Nimlet is located in the South-West of England on the A36 between Bath and junction 18 on the M4. It lies roughly 3 miles to the North of Bath, just South of the village of Cold Ashton.

Points of Interest

There is one bed and breakfast located in Nimlet and several others close by (in both Tadwick and Cold Ashton). It is a linear settlement with the buildings being located along the main road. The only other thing it has to its name is a small hill to the west of the A36 called ā€˜Nimlet Hillā€™.

Local Interest

Nimlet is located on the edge of the Avon Valley very close to the city of Bath giving fantastic views of the city. Bath itself has many tourist attractions ranging from the Roman Baths themselves to the Royal Crescent (an excellent example of 18th century architecture by John Wood the younger).
Being located on the edge of the Wiltshire Downs, Nimlet is local to many scenic walks and views of the area. In addition the National Trust site of Dyrham Park is close by which is a beautiful Baroque country house set in 274 acres of gardens and parkland.

Nimlet can also be used to describe a stupid and inconsequential person.

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