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Last night, for the first night since-I-can't-remember, I got in a good, full night's sleep, with plenty of wonderful, wonderful REM, without interruption. The result was one of those rare dreams that lasts all night (actually several dreams loosely connected). It even continued after being awakened by my alarm (I love you, Mr. Snooze) - several times.

First, I was Batman. Me and Robin, we were fighting an evil villian who spewed burning venom. We blocked the venom with our lips (probably to keep it from hurting other people or something). As a result, that portion of our face sustained considerable injury. Because of this, I had to have that part of my face bandaged, which meant that I could not be Batman for a while. I had to switch to being a ninja superhero (you know, the ninja mask covers all of your face but the eyes). Meanwhile, the city wondered where the hell Batman had went. There was this cool montage with music where I was going around ninja-ing while posters and newspapers swirled in "WHERE IS BATMAN?", etc.

There was a thing with a kid under and overpass and I got really pissed at him for trying to knock me off. No, not off of the overpass. We were under it. No, it didn't make much sense to me, either.

This morphed into a short sequence where I had gotten an email from a client at the company I used to work for two years ago. They needed a change to their website. I started to do it, but decided, I shouldn't be doing this, I don't work there. So I tried to email them telling them to contact my old boss, but doing that was made very difficult because at the time I was racing down a fast-moving waterway, almost river-like but was in an urban area and in a really long concrete half pipe.

After this it got interesting because somehow this lead to me being back in time in New York City. It was black and white. I commented, while gazing up at the sunny clouds, that it was very interesting to see a black and white scene with the resolution of reality, as opposed to something on an old, grainy film reel, or even on a television screen with today's technology.

I was with my wife who was in a nearby car. There were others in the car but I don't know who. She noticed some of it was turning color. Beautiful, vibrant yellows, oranges, and greens began to melt over a nearby hillside. "It's like we're in Pleasantville!" That was a very good movie, by the way.

Whilst I was gazing at the partially-built Empire State Building (half concealed by some fog), an old coworker popped into the dream. He took me into an apartment building, said there was somebody I had to meet. We barged into what he said was Charles Dickens' apartment, but actually I think it was Ernest Hemingway, while the famous writer was in the john.

I was worried that he'd be angry, but actually he was quite pleased to see us, very jovial.

And that's pretty much where the dream ends.

I wish I could dream like that every night.

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