Ninja Dispatch, is a small, e-mail game. Though calling it a game is a little bit of a stretch. The basis of the site is to allow people to send out ninjas after people. You choose the name of your target and the name you shall use, then enter in your victim's e-mail address. Your ninja will go along his way to try to kill your victim. Chance and skill of the ninja factor in killing your foe. There is a percentage chance of the ninja being stopped or successful, and for every successful kill he can go up in level.

You can also choose for your ninja to leave a message beside your victim's corpse, a warning against others who might dare to cross you. Of course, there is a limit to your great gloating(500 characters or less please). You can also choose to receive intelligence reports on your ninja's mission. Also on the page are stats for the best ninjas. You can also view movies of your ninja's successes, the movies are from Shogun: Total War.

All in all, it's just a small site to play games with your friends. Has someone been bothering you lately, send them a ninja! Is that guy at work always drinking all the coffee and never refilling the pot, give him a ninja! Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold.. and wrapped in seaweed.. and a bit of ginger never hurt anyone.

I've just tonight sent off my first ninja. On his secret mission, Hiraeka, is on to kill the famed jessicapierce. She dared to complain that she was not receiving enough messages about ninjas, so I have promptly filled her request. Shortly after I sent him, Hiraeka came back with a report that jessicapierce was dead. Perhaps a harsh move, but I stand by it.

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