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Sun shone brightly on the waters, such a deep blue-gray wind played with waves,
And we laid back, dangling fingers into the ice-cold stuff,
Talking of snapping turtles and the ways the leaves float by…
And the trees wave to us as we pass, so lazily along the wavelets,
Ends of hair are wet now…wring them out and squeal as they cold hits my back
And laugh, splashing the water playfully at each other.

I miss the way that was, that carefree feeling, the warmth of the sun on my arms,
And I know that when this one ends, there will be another love,
Another home, another place and time and distance,
I will never be alone, just as I was not alone on that lake, somewhere in

Bubbles beneath the surface and I think, sadness, about someone in a shell,
Someone far from here, and in a very different world, who wishes to forget me,
And I will let him, in time, but right now, I need to make sure he’s happy in
Yet another home, another place and time and distance,
And I will never be alone, do you hear me, you, someone in

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