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No Fun At All were a Swedish punk rock band. Were? Yes, as of January 11, 2001 they have quit. They will play their last show on January 26, 2001 in their hometown of Fagersta, Sweden, accompanied by all the ex-members of the band.

No Fun At All were started by Micke Danielsson, a bass player and AC/DC fanatic, who also could write some tunes. When they were just fooling around a bit and playing now and then, they were spotted by Swedish record label Burning Heart Records, who decided to release No Fun At All's first mini cd, Vision, in 1993. Vision, one of the label's first releases, contained 8 tracks of raw punk rock. The production wasn't very great, but the enthousiasm was amazing. Only 1000 copies of the cd were printed, but they were sold out quickly, so they decided to keep it in print, and over the years, more then 25.000 copies have been sold.

On their first full album, 1994's No Straight Angles, the music became a bit more melodic, which would become their trademark sound.
1995's Out Of Bounds continued with the same sound, and because they were able to reach a bigger crowd, it gained them even more fans, especially people who were into similar bands, like Bad Religion, Millencolin and NOFX, who were finally exposed to them.

Over the years, they've released four full albums, various singles and EPs, toured all over the world, been on numerous punkrock compilations, and sold over 200.000 albums.

The final line-up consisted of Ingemar Jansson (vocals), Stefan Neuman (guitar), Christer Johansson (guitar), Mikael Danielsson (bass), and Kjell Ramstedt (drums).


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