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He has walls, high walls
around his house
it says "personal residence" on the gate
there's another entrance, to the side
that's to the office
it's not connected to the house

he must leave his house
go out the door
five feet
to the office

the walk to the office from the street
winds a bit; it is not direct
the door is on the opposite side
from the house

inside the door
a small waiting room
with signs
please remove your shoes
the door opposite is always locked
that leads to the inner office
and the door to the house
must be through there

there is a room to each side
for treatment
voice or needles
which will I choose?

my voice is lost
it has gone missing
I call to ask for needles

two day lag
until he calls back
he will fit me in early

the needles to treat
"my sore throat" he says

no, it's not my throat
I say
it is from my trachea down
to my mid chest

from my speaking voice
to my heart

I cry for a while
when the needles are in
I am disappointed that the walls are so high
not just with him

but I stop crying
and go on to work
I only have an hour
to spare to cry

I am so tired
of knocking, tapping gently
on walls
only to find
no doors

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