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Just yesterday, I was chillin at Oak Park Hospital (its a long story.) and had the privilege of seeing this phrase printed on a sign over a huge white box in one of the unattended labs. I was immediately compelled to node this as soon as I got home, only to discover to my amazement that tregoweth had not only beaten me to it, but that his node was featured in the random node nodelet, as if to further amaze me with the power of coincidence.

Anyhoo, I will not let all of this defer me from saying that I took it upon myself to steal that little plastic sign from the lab. It was just too perfect to pass up because now I can affix it to my own little box of goodies, in which drugs and money are, in fact, kept. This will not only amuse me and my roommates every time we walk past it now, it will possibly keep other guests the hell out of my little box of contraband.
Not to mention that, like tregoweth imagined, the reaction of thieves at the hospital lab should be priceless.

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