I once noticed an announcement of a contest of puns. A great reward was being offered for the best pun submitted. I thought to myself, surely with all the great puns I have, one of them will win this prize. Because there was a limit in the contest, with each person allowed only ten entries, it took me several weeks to go through all the possibilities. I selected only the very best puns at my disposal. I even checked online to make sure there were no new ones hidden beyond my view.

Finally, I submitted what had to be the very best, the creame of the crop, those few ultimate puns of which I have knowledge. I was sorry that only ten were allowed because I have a few which may appeal only to certain ethnic or special interest groups. Not knowing the disposition of those who would judge, I was forced to omit a few of these, but I did my best under the circumstances. Thus, I sent off my ten most excellent puns with the full expectation that one would bring back the coveted prize. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.

I wish I could give (escape?) credit for this, but cannot remember from whence it came.

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