Noah Adams is a co-host of All Things Considered, the evening news program from NPR. He is also an author, having written Piano Lessons, published in 1996, and Far Appalachia: Following the New River North published in March 2002.

Noah Adams grew up in Ashland, Kentucky, in the Eastern part of the state. He started in radio as a DJ in Ohio, broadcasting everything from rock 'n' roll to basketball games. For many years he bounced around different radio stations in the area known as Appalachia. For 3 years he left radio and worked odd jobs until he discovered Public Radio at the University of Kentucky. By 1974 he was working full-time on the university's staff. The following year he moved to a job at NPR's All Things Considered.

In 1982 Noah was made a co-host for the weekday edition of All Things Considered.

Noah Adams took a leave of absence from his duties at All Things Considered starting March 1, 2002 to write a book about the Wright Brothers.

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