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Noble, Richland County, Illinois, USA
Population: approximately 760
Land area: 2.64 sq. kilometers
Distance from Springfield, Illinois: 109 miles
Distance from Olney, Illinois: 7 miles

Noble is a small rural town with an economy mostly based on farming and oil. It is mostly known as a sister city to Olney.

Noble's school district is known as West Richland Community Unit District 2. Their mascot is the Wildcats. The high school sponsors boys and girls' basketball, girls' vollyball, girls' softball, and boys' baseball. Although the teams do not compete in state tournaments, they do compete at a regional level and often place highly.

The Olney-Noble airport, more used for agricultural purposes than anything, is located within one mile of the Noble city limits. The small airport also often hosts air-shows.

In 1997, Noble was stricken by the tragedy known as the Chris Churchill Murders. Christopher Churchill took the small community by surprise when he murdered his family while they slept.

Since the original media hype of the murders surpassed, this normally peaceful town has returned to being a normal southern Illinois farming town.

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