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Noblesse lights is the light version of Noblesse, coming in the same classic green package the only difference is the white strips alongside the logo and the addition of the word "lights" in flashy intimidating red letters

Since its introduction to the smokers public(A majority in the stressful Israel) in the mid-90s the reactions varried between raw contempt and dooms day panic as people slowly tried to cope with this assult on the decades old cigarette whos name is almost bound to the kibbutznik youth culture and the general joy of being poor and still being able to have your own style

In 2002 a new brand of Noblesse light was introduced, it carried the same name but the package was now a hard-pack and the color changed to blue, many attributed that shift to the economy damaging the public ability to buy imported cigarettes so the local tabacoo industry quickly started making hard-pack american-like cigarettes, it even had "american blend" inscribed in friendly golden letters on the bottom

It never got to be as successful as the original noblesse, *inhale* yeah *exhale*

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