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Smokes in a green soft paper pack containing 20 of 'em bastards.

Israeli hippies, kibbutznicks and pennyless folk smoke noblesse. Sells for 7 New Israeli Shequels, which is about 1 Dollar and 10 cents.

Manufactured by Dubek Ltd. in the town of Lod (a.k.a that hole near the airport where you go to buy weed), and even though that for quite some time now that the factory is closed, the pack keeps claiming so.

Contains the mandatory Ministry of Health warning about how smoking harms you.

No*bless", No*blesse" [F. noblesse. See Noble.]


Dignity; greatness; noble birth or condition.


Chaucer. Spenser. B. Jonson.


The nobility; persons of noble rank collectively, including males and females.



© Webster 1913.

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