Well, this is a disgusting development.

There were many good quote nodes on E2, and I expect there will be again. But most of the good ones have been deleted, leaving (you guessed it), the not so good ones. I'm not sure what the plan was. Anyway, here's what's left, if you find more, let me know!

Update: It looks like E2's quote files just keep disappearing. Bummer. Ain't quotes cool no more?

By Person

Beatty, Warren -- Warren Beatty
Blok, Alexander -- Depressing Russian Quotes
Bonaparte, Napoleon -- Napoleon Bonaparte
Brecht, Bertolt -- Bertolt Brecht
Buddha -- Quotes from the Buddha and Jesus
Cooper, Tommy -- Tommy Cooper
Coulter, Ann -- Ann Coulter
Einstein, Albert Albert Einstein
Feyman, Richard P. -- Richard P. Feynman
Fields, W.C. -- W.C. Fields
Flaubert, Gustave -- Gustave Flaubert
Gates, Bill -- A list of Bill Gates quotes
Goldwater, Barry -- Barry Goldwater
Jefferson, Thomas -- Thomas Jefferson
Jesus -- Quotes from the Buddha and Jesus
Jung, Carl -- Carl Jung
Kissinger, Henry -- Henry Kissinger
Lennon, John -- John Lennon Quotations
Lincoln, Abraham -- Abraham Lincoln - Quotes
Marvin -- Marvin the Paranoid Android
McCain, John -- John McCain
Milton, John -- John Milton
Murrow, Edward -- Edward R. Murrow
Pispers, Volker -- Volker Pispers
Pope John XXIII
Reed, Ralph -- some Ralph Reed quotes
Revenge -- Two wrongs don't make right
Robinson, Pat -- Pat Robertson Quotations
T.A.Z. Appendix C: Extra Quotes
Tomlin, Lily -- Lily Tomlin quotes
Twain, Mark -- Mark Twain
Walker, Murray -- Murray Walker Quotes
Wodehouse, P. G. -- P.G. Wodehouse Quotes

By Subject

Character Chicago Public Library Quotes
Depressing Russian Quotes
Discordian Quotes
Everything quotes
Execution Quotes
It was a dark and stormy night
Love (Bible quotes)
Robotic dinosaurs
Sleeping - Quotes from sleeping people
Stupid Quotes
Supermodels - Wisdom of the supermodels

And don't forget Everything Quote Server

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