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I was sitting at my computer one day, switching back and forth between E2 and writing up notes for my upcoming Basics of Work Psychology and Leadership exam. By the time I realized that this was indeed what I was doing, the next step was obvious: why not combine the two? I did, and the node called organizational behavior is the result.

The basic idea is a cross between Node Your Homework and Node What You Don't Know. Sure, notes for an exam will be considerably more cursory than your average scholarly essay, but for all too many subjects -- including organizational behavior, and pretty much the entirety of management/business administration at that -- there is next to no information up on E2, so a few basic definitions and a list of bullet points are much better than nothing. They also provide a handy skeleton for someone else to continue the work.

The other Good Thing is that this is an excellent way to study for a written exam, as turning an idea into a coherent E2 writeup is pretty much the same process as turning it into a coherent exam answer, and it will thus mercilessly locate any gaping holes in your store knowledge. Obviously this will work better for subjects like social sciences and biology than for calculus or quantum physics, and each subject can essentially be noded only once, but that still leaves several thousand suitable subjects.

So what are you waiting for? Start studying!

Warning: according to Node Your Homework, posting lecture notes on the Internet violates the policies of some money-grubbing universities, so noding too detailed a study guide may land you in hot water. The other obvious problems are plagiarism and copyright, so give credit where credit is due and stay within the bounds of fair use.

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