It would be impossible to track every fanzine in existence, but Noder Beat, which began publication in January, 2004, should prove interesting to anyone familiar with E2; it's dedicated to the writers, the noders of this site.

It's not surprising that noders should develop a cult following. Whether we're writing factual matters, ideological controversies, true-life adventures, or even fiction, we're clearly an intelligent and appealing group. And the site's fame has spread throughout the globe. Indeed, it may be among the most entertaining sources of information on the 'Net.

Senior editor Amanda Laing, a high school senior in Ontario, Canada says she hopes to document "all things noder, from the doings of the most popular writers to forgotten one-hit-wonders."

The first issue features a "Hottest Male Noder" competition, with photographs of several promising candidates. The two finalists will be revealed in issue #2. A "Hottest Female Noder" contest will appear in #3.

Issue #1 also covers the epic battle between Habakkuk and Mukkachuk over their similar usernames, and a look back on the Dman controversy. A low point may be the interview with kthejoker. While he makes, as always, several excellent points, much of what appears is a free-form rant which was almost certainly influenced by the consumption of hard drugs and probably should have been edited. The magazine also features some surprisingly candid photos and original fan art.

She even managed a detailed account of iceowl's adventures in Antarctica, about which he is usually quite reluctant to speak.

"We want to be balanced," says Laing. "Kids today-- at least, the intelligent, attractive ones-- tend to look up to noders. At the same time I want to show you guys as real people, with hopes, fears, and regrets. Our 'zine explores your research methods and writing techniques, but also, what you do during your off-hours." She even has plans to cover individual noders' fashion and style in future issues.

"Noders are human beings," concludes Laing. "Exceptional human beings, but people, just like their numerous fans. Briglass put it best when he said, 'Everything2 is like a great big collection of stuff that was typed.' Noder Beat celebrates that typing and show the fans just who the typists are."

UPDATE! The second issue's cover may be viewed online.

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