Since joining this most excellent community called Everything 2 some seven months ago, I have become a fervent evangelist for the noding cause.

I've shown this site to many folks, some of whom joined and are now busily noding away. But others declined my invitation, thinking that they could not node.

And I am so insistent that still others accused me of teaching them the meaning of ad nauseum the hard way.

So I made this nine question test to see if a someone is indeed capable of noding. Answer Yes or No to each question, and check your score at the end of the test.

  1. Did a female give birth to you?
  2. Do you need oxygen to live?
  3. Do you live on a planet that has one sun?
  4. Are you visible to the naked eye?
  5. Do you have a head?
  6. If you answered No to this question, please skip ahead to question number seven

  7. Is there a face on your head?
  8. Are you a cat?
  9. Do you have internal organs?
  10. Do you age on a regular basis?


If you answered Yes to question number 7, STOP HERE! You're a cat, you lucky creature you! You can't node, although nodes can be written about you!

If you answered Yes to one or more of the remaining questions, CONGRATULATIONS!

You can node!

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