Ok. so here's what I learned about you folks last night
(A Newbie perspective on the little shindig)

I guess thats about it. Let me know when the next one is. Perhaps I'll have more friends to indoctrinate (See you soon SarasBO). And... If i missed you on here, it is because my short-term memory is out of whack. Feel free to slap me.

The party last night was nice. Would be better if deehablita dropped by because I find her cool after her fisting writeup.

Dead was trying to convince me that I (just like other men out there) were made to put our dicks into things. I get his main idea, but the idea of me getting laid is very hard to see nowadays... Besides, I don't want to use my wang, I want to use my tongue first if I ever get laid.

I had my first alcoholic drink last night. Wickernipple fixed me up a mix of orange juice, a bit of vodka, and some orange liqueur in a tall glass. I tasted of cough syrup, but I'm fine as long as I don't drink too much. Wickernipple fixed up a cup of that stuff and I finished it, but I was so winded I puked it in the kitchen sink. I did it quick, and clean.

Yossarian was generous enough to give me money to take a cab home. I can take the subway back to the home office, but I don't want to walk home from the subway station to the cemetery to get back.

Now that I am fully conscious again I will take the time to write out some thoughts on last night's events.

Due to the informal nature of the gathering I was much more at ease than at previous get togethers. Once again the binding powers of the Internet amazed me in their ability to bring together such a diverse crowd of wonderful people. Amongst others in attendance I was able to have lovely conversations with perdedor, dead (when he was sober), ansate (who apprehended my pen), and stand/alone/bitch (who desperately needs a snake of her own).

After the festivities died down sufficiently I left with infinite burn to the F train. Whilst freezing on the desolate platform we watched the Statue of Liberty blaze in the background and were frightened by scary drunk old foks wearing devil horns and glowing Jack-O-Lantern's. Overall, it was a glorious night and I eagerly anticipate future events.

Noders may be clean partygoers, but they certainly are early finishers! I had hoped to get to talk to someone new when I called at 12:10 (c'mon now, people, that's pretty early), but the only noder remaining that I had never met was Infinite Burn, who didn't seem to want to talk to me anyway, and handed me off as quickly as he could. Ah, well. So it goes. I did get to talk to:

  • WickerNipple- my buddy in crime and cancer, who was peeing in his upside-down jesus bathroom when I talked to him
  • stand/alone/bitch- that short jewish girl(easy target) that we all love, who told me I missed the boat
  • yossarian- whose haircut I'll have to see for myself
  • zot-fot-piq- who told me I was a loser for not being present, but whom I still blame for my inability to go to the party
  • ansate- who also told me I was a loser, and for whom I had no defense
  • perdedor- who took lots of pictures, which I'll have to see
  • Phyllis Stein- whom I'd only met once before, and seemed to be talking considerably more this time around, AND...
  • Infinite Burn- who seemed totally disinterested in speaking to me, and handed me off before I could tell him so much as my name
So, I'm sorry I missed it, but I was glad to be there in spirit. Good to hear that you guys had fun. See ya later, folks.

I must thank WickerNipple for having all of us over at his humble abode. The food was scrumptious ("Gah! What the... Salt and Vinegar?!"), the wine was good (once I found the non-vinegar bottle), and the noders were amazing.

Stand/Alone/Bitch was clearly on top of things, as she memorized everyone's names (real and e2, though the debate about the "real" name continues) and managed to cut two noders' hair. Yossarian took the brunt of her aggression as he lost quite a bit of hair (don't worry clearpebbles, I saved a chunk of it to send to you soon).

I have random images of dead with his pants down, WinkerNibble grabbing crotches, learning Russian from zot ("vodka" is Russian for "vodka"), watching Kit_Lo devour lemon pie, learning how to properly pronounce ansate's name (whatever you think it is, it isn't), discussing philosophy with perdedor, finding out that there are, in fact, non-noders that can hang out successfully with noders, and the highlight of the night: playing a part in the end of yossarian's hair.

I must thank whoever brought the wine, because I do believe I single-handedly finished 90% of the bottle. If you're around for the karaoke that I'm planning for late January, I'll buy you a few drinks.

Thanks to all the noders at the party for a great time. I apologize for not sticking around to help clean up (umm.... nope, I didn't plan that... really!). Well, I can't wait to see you all again. Party on, clean noders!

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