Literally meaning "Do not touch me." These are the words spoken by the resurrected Jesus in John 20:17.

The words are spoken to Mary Magdalen. This name is also given to paintings which show Jesus appearing to Mary post-Resurrection.

In addition to the warning defined so eloquently defined by rax, it is also a really pretentious way to say "a person or thing which cannot be touched".

the inscription on the broach worn by Anne Boelyn in Wyatt's Whoso List to Hunt. he was in love with her, but Henry VIII had his eye on her, and you can't steal the king's chick, so Wyatt was pretty screwed...

Noli Me Tangere is also a famous novel by Philippine national hero Jose Rizal. This novel begins with Crisostomo Ibarra coming home to Manila from Spain. The book offers an accurate reflection of the abuses of Spanish friars and officials at the time, and the excesses of the rich Filipinos. It is also a tragic love story between Maria Clara and Ibarra.

This novel, once banned by the Catholic Church, and it's sequel El Filibusterismo are one of the things that inspired the revolutionary Andres Bonifacio to rise up in arms against the Spanish colonial masters, and begin the Philippine Revolution.

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