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If one of your fantasies is being at a table with never ending lobster, prime rib, filet mignon and crab legs...well you need to get better fantasies. But the Nordic Lodge located in Charlestown, Rhode Island, offers these things and more.

The price is steep at 65.00 USD per person (circa late 2005), but it is all you can eat, and includes tips and soft drinks. Along with the aformentioned items there is a salad bar, a variety of fresh fruit, some chicken selections, some pasta dishes and a wide variety of desserts.

The dining rooms are deceptively large, as the resturant often serves several busloads of people at a time, along with the regular clientele. The decor is like you might expect, it looks like a ski lodge circa 1975. There are always people in line for some items, but the line moves pretty fast. The service is very good. They clear plates as fast as you are done with them and they don't look at you funny when you are on your fourth lobster.

So how was the food? It was good but not spectacular.This is what I had and my thoughts in no particular order.

  • Filet Mignon...Tasty, but sliced a bit thin for my taste
  • Prime Rib...Again, sliced thin (maybe 1/4 inch thick), but cooked well and flavorful.
  • Stuffed Shells...Nothing to write home about, dont waste the stomach space.
  • Clam Cakes...I don't really like seafood, but these were really good.
  • Lobster, Crab Legs...These come in the shell, and you can only take one lobster at a time, Still my friends gave both of these items a thumbs-up.
  • Chicken Tenders, Chicken Wings...Pretty garden variety, but certainly not bad.
  • Dessert...I had some Haagen-Dazs ice cream, one of my friends had the carrot cake both were quite good!
  • So, was it worth it? If you like lobster and other types of seafood then yes, you should go. If you are like me, and don't care for seafood, there is still enough variety to whet, fill and placate your appetite.

    Directions and a full menu can be found at www.nordic-lodge.com.

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