Some examples of Nordic male names still in use in modified forms in Normandy:

Nordic form - Latin form (c. 1000) - Modern French form

Ásbjǫrn - Osbernus - Auber
Ásfriðr - Ansfridus - Anfray
Ásgautr - Ansgotus - Angot
Ásketill - Anschetillus - Anquetil
Ásmundr - Osmundus - Osmond
Thorgautr - Turgotus - Turgot
Thorgisl - Turgisus - Turgis
Thorsteinn - Turstinus - Toutain
Thorvaldr - Turoldus - Thouroude

Examples of Nordic place names still in use in modified forms in Normandy:

Modern French form (district) - First recorded name (year) - Original meaning

Brametot (Seine-Maritime) - Bramatot (1025) - Brami's tomt
Colletot (Eure) - Coletot (1080) - Koli's tomt
Écultot (Seine-Maritime) - Esculetot (1220) - Skúli's tomt
Gonnetot (Seine-Maritime) - Gonnetot (1206) - Gunni's tomt
Herquetot (Manche) - Herguetot (1232) - Helgi's tomt
Quettetot (Manche) - Ketetot (1200) - Ketill's tomt

Note: tomt = "a plot of land"

Lucien MUSSET: Skandinavene og det vesteuropeiske kontinent, in
Else ROESDAHL et al. (eds.): Viking og Hvidekrist : Norden og Europa 800-1200,
Sweden 1992
(ISBN 87-7303-556-4)

If your browser does not fully support the Unicode provisions of HTML 4.0 or newer or does not have the requisite fonts, the Unicode character reference "ǫ" will not display properly in the above text, and the first of the personal names in the first table will appear scrambled. the missing character is o-with-a-hook, and it's all right to read the name as Ásbjórn, instead.

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