North Island also happens to be the name used in reference to the North Island of New Zealand. There isn't really much to say about it's geographical location - it really is the north island of New Zealand. Look up New Zealand on the map, and this is the island that's closest to the equator. And if you have a good map, it will also be labeled. The other two islands that New Zealand consists of are the South Island and Steward Island.

North Island is the home to Auckland (largest city), Hamilton (a city bigger than most others), Wellington (the capital, second largest city) and, amongst others, Bulls (recently voted the worst place in New Zealand - population two men and a dog). It also hosts (hosts?) lake Taupo, the largest fresh-water lake of New Zealand, and the big active volcano Ruapehu (last eruption - 1996) as well as the many, many wonderful little towns that all have at least one pub. Which in most cases happens to be the highlight of the town.

In the winter (May-July type, not the Dec-Feb sort you have in the northern hemisphere) there is snow up on the Ruapehu - Whakapapa mountain range, so skiing and snowboarding industries blossom.

Altogether, the North Island of New Zealand is one of the two main islands, and contains three of the five largest cities (the other two are Christchurch and Dunedin, which are on the South Island). If you ever end up in New Zealand, go on a tiki-tour around the country and see for yourself.

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