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The North Mississippi Allstars (NMA) are a blues/alt-rock fusion band from - guess where? - northern Mississippi. The band is made up of the Dickinson brothers, Cody and Luther (sons of producer Jim Dickinson) and bassist Chris Chew. NMA started as a side project of the brothers' first, more punk oriented band D.D.T.

The band's coming out party of sorts was Dixie Fried in 1996 where they impressed anyone who would listen. They then opened for their friend Jim Mathus' band the Squirrel Nut Zippers. Now the North Mississippi Allstars are often found playing the local clubs in Memphis or the spring/summer blues festivals throughout the southeast.

Their music is probably best compared to The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, although in my opinion the NMA are much better. The band has also either opened or recorded with The Wallflowers, Mojo Nixon and R.L. Burnside in the past.

Shake Hands With Shorty (2000)
51 Phantom (2001)

Sources: allmusic.com and nmsallstars.com

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