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Coastal area in Massachusetts just north of Boston. Includes such towns as Beverly, Marblehead, Manchester, Salem, Ipswich, Magnolia, Wenham, Hamilton, Gloucester, Essex, Peabody, Danvers, and Lynn. Home to Gordon College and Endicott College as well as speaker design company Boston Acoustics. Lots of great seafood, especially clams.

Also the eastern tier of Chicago suburbs located north of the city along the shore of Lake Michigan and noted for their affluence and tendency to vote for liberals. Includes Evanston, Wilmette, Winnetka, Kenilworth, Glencoe, Highland Park (home of Ravinia park), Highwood, Lake Forest and Lake Bluff. Some places in the region which are less affluent and therefore not always thought of as part of the North Shore include North Chicago and Waukegan.

Served by Sheridan Road, the Edens expressway, Green Bay Road and the Union Pacific north line commuter trains.

Area of North Vancouver, Canada famous for its world class mountain biking. The North Shore is a major draw for thousands of riders every year from all over North America and the world. The North Shore's bike trails (if you can call them that) include big drops (3'-15'), elevated wooden rails, teeder-todders and all sorts of other goodies that scare good, hard-working, honest folks like my parents. They're one of the most fun ways to risk your life on two wheels, as they're hard enough to walk on, let alone ride. North Van's bike trails have starred in many bike movies, especially my favorite, the Kranked movies and are ridden by some of Canada's best riders, such as Kris Holm (on a unicycle).

The North Shore is the name given to the general vicinity of the greater Auckland region north of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. This upper class area of Auckland features some of the most expensive houses in New Zealand with a current median house price of of over NZ$300,000. Also sometimes referred to as North Shore City, or just The Shore.

There's a bit of rivalry between the residents of the North Shore and the rest of Auckland. Akin to New Zealand versus Australia or Aucklanders (aka JAFAs) versus the rest of New Zealand, but on a much smaller scale. Often, sports matches between the North Shore team and the Central Auckland teams gets dubbed 'The Battle of the Bridge', referring to the boundary between the two regions, seperated by the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Name given to a group of suburbs in Sydney, Australia.

Mostly lying along the eponymous "North Shore" of Sydney Harbour, these days the term North Shore extends to suburbs that are certainly not harbourside, but are rather in the same general area (north of the Coathanger), and with the consistant feature of being wealthier than surrounding suburbs.

You will hear "North Shore" used in at least three ways in Australian English:

  1. Mocking. "Oh, she's so North Shore with her new jacket..." The tall poppy syndrome in action!
    Or "Those wankers go to North Shore." Referring originally and specifically to North Shore Boys High School, this insult, with a slight grammatical alteration, could be directed at anyone whose school is in the North Shore area.

  2. Boasting. "Oh yes, we just bought on the North Shore." The eternal real estate snobbery of the Sydney nouveau-riche, trying to convince themselves they're keeping up with Sydney old money. Old Money owns all the land on the southern shore of the harbour in places like Rose Bay, and Point Piper.

  3. Purely Geographical, with a hint of the exclusive. "Where's that Chocaholic restaurant again?" "Oh, somewhere on the North Shore." Notice the grammar here, it's still on even though the changing boundaries have made in seem more correct.

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