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The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

A technical college in Edmonton, Alberta. The northern counterpart to SAIT, you guessed it, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Website: http://www.nait.ab.ca

11762 - 106 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5G 3H1

Phone/fax: (780) 471-6248 Fax: (780) 471-8490

Official Opening: May 27, 1963

Programs: NAIT confers certificates, diplomas, and applied degrees. The Institute offers over 190 programs including 32 apprenticeship offerings. Over 1,520 continuing education courses are also available.

Students: NAIT has approximately 15,200 full-time and apprenticeship students, and about 43,000 continuing education registrations. Over 42 per cent of students entering NAIT have previous post-secondary education.

Time Capsules: The first time capsule prepared by NAIT students was incorporated in the wall of The Nest, a student lounge on Main Campus, at its official opening during NAIT’s 25th anniversary year in 1988. The time capsule is to be opened on May 28, 2013 during the Institute’s 50th anniversary year. A second capsule, also be opened in the year 2013, was incorporated in the wall of the Shaw Theatre to celebrate completion of the new South Learning Centre facility in 1996.

Interesting Feature: A row of 12 flagpoles along 106 Street (fronting the Main Administration building). On these poles are the four NAIT flags, four Canadian flags, and four Province of Alberta flags. Whenever a visiting delegation is on campus, NAIT flies that country’s flag on the farthermost flagpole.

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