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A quite difficult flatland skateboarding trick, the evolution of the Kasper. Ensure you can do Kaspers in your sleep before you attempt the elusive nose Kasper.

This is easiest to learn stationary. Start in the kickflip position (see kickflip) as you would for a Kasper. If you can do switch kickflips with ease, this trick is much easier to learn in switch, the reason being if you do it in your normal stance you must use your off foot for the majority of this trick. You need a bit more height for this than you do for a Kasper. Olliw (in the kickflip position) and start your kickflip. Once again you are going to catch it underside up as you do with a Kasper, but you must use your front foot. Make sure your front foor is on the nose and then pull your back foot in under the griptape as you do with a Kasper. This is quite hard to balance.

To land the Nose Kasper simply jump and flick the board with your back foot, catching it before it can do more than a half-flip.

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