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Really, it isn't. Back in the day when I first got nostalgic about stuff, it was at school and I'd say things like "Hey, who remembers Dangermouse?" and then people would be impressed by my amazing ability to recall endless trivia about Cosgrove Hall's finest hour. Other people would dive into the conversation and someone would remember the theme tune. It was great fun. Well, times change.

The nostalgia horizon is creeping up on me. People want to get nostalgic about stuff so recent that nobody's special any more for being able to remember it. Of course, since I'm a student, my friends and I have nothing better to do (and there's nothing we like more) than to sit around and discuss our childhoods. Problem is, everyone's at it these days. Nostalgia for me has lost its appeal.

Coming home from holiday this July, the guy next to me in the airport was wowing his friends with his knowledge of The A-Team. Time was, I couldn't have resisted chipping in to a conversation like that, but now its not new any more. Cable TV and the internet mean that every Joe Blow and his friend can remember theme tunes and character names. Factual recall isn't fun when you only read the facts this morning in some e-mail about being a child of the Eighties.

Geezer nostalgia too has had its day. In fifty years time, how can you make little brats grateful for what they have with ammunition like:

Not going to happen. Nostalgia really isn't as good as it used to be, and its all we'll have to look back on when we fondly remember our youth.

Delighted to find this was a nodeshell. Matched perfectly a conversation in the pub. It's just occured to me that those quotes for geezer nostalgia are probably rehashed from a stand-up comedian I once saw. Apologies to that man if anyone knows who he is.

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