Whilst watching a taped episode of The Simpsons Trilogy of Error CABF14, I stumbled upon an interesting disparity between the actual dialogue, and the closed captions.

Scene: Milhouse and Bart are headed to a find "cooler than a million dead bodies." Searching for a mode of transportation, we find them in the back yard, about to steal Lisa's bike. Bart is flipping through his large ring of keys.


"Front door, back door, Skinner's, Flanders', your house, ahh, Lisa's bike!"


"Front door, back door, gun lock, gun lock, trigger lock, ahh, Lisa's bike!"

To me, the captioning inconsistency, the fact that Skinner is a non sequitur in the context of this episode, and a barely noticeable audio artifact all seem to indicate that someone has been meddling with the dialogue.
Worst Episode Ever!

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