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1997 film starring Tim Robbins, Martin Lawrence, Michael McKean, Kelly Preston and Rebecca Gayheart. The movie was written and directed by Steve Oedkerk, is rated R and runs for 97 minutes.

Well first off, this was originally a movie I had absolutely no interest in seeing. A friend of mine, however, managed to drag me to the theater with promises of loads of laughter. Her persuasion (aided by my like of Tim Robbins) proved fruitful, since I did end up enjoying the film, and I laughed my ass off through the majority of the picture.

Nick Beam (Robbins) seems to have a wonderful life, until the day he comes home early to find his perfect wife, Ann, (Preston) in bed with another man, who turns out to be his boss Philip (McKean). Instead of bursting in on them, Nick, in a state of shock, simply leaves the house. He gets into his car and proceeds to drive. While sitting dazed at a red light, carjacker T. Paul (Lawrence) opens the passenger door and puts a gun to Nick’s head. Nick at this point doesn’t really care what happens to him. Instead of giving up his car he takes off, basically taking the carjacker hostage.

T. Paul- who never had any bullets in his gun anyway- is now very scared. Nick just drives off into the desert, and T. Paul knows not what to do. Eventually Nick explains his situation and the two become friends. They then are forced to handle a bundle of problems such as hold-ups, mistaken identities and huge spiders. Nick and T. Paul also hatch a wild plan to get revenge on Nick’s boss, and proceed to carry it out. Will they be successful?

I was never a huge Martin Lawrence fan, but his bizarre facial expressions and comic timing really impressed me in this flick. Robbins and Lawrence work surprisingly well together as polar opposites with one thing in common- nothing to lose. The two make this goofy comedy worth watching.

T.Paul: (looking at video of Nick's wife) Not bad Nick, not bad - for a cheatin' bitch.
Nick Beam: Hey! Don't you call her that, you don't know her, don't say that.
T. Paul: Okay, okay, no disrespect. What should I call her? "Monogamously challenged"?

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