From AP news- March 26, 2015- Regarding the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 - a German airliner that crashed on March 23, 2015, killing all of the passengers and crew- more than 150 lives.      The co-pilot  Andreas Lubitz,  may have caused the plane to crash intentionally.   

Lubitz joined Germanwings in September 2013, directly out of flight school, and had flown 630 hours. Spohr said the airline had no indication why he would have crashed the plane.   He underwent a regular security check on Jan. 27 and it found nothing untoward, and previous security checks in 2008 and 2010 also showed no issues, the local government in Duesseldorf said.


Ignorance is never bliss.  


So, now we know, or think we know, why the plane crashed.  The how, a probable cause.  A tangible reason. 

Does it make any difference?  Are we better for knowing - are the families of the victims reassured- or crushed, on a whole other level ? 


So, now, with this update; this fresh information we do what?   Analyze the pilot for a motivation that will tell us what,  why ?   How will this help?


What is worse ?   Loss, the loss of life- or knowing the smallest and most terrible of details?   What can be gained by knowing more about the senselessness of the actions that led to their death.   (Is any sudden death of a loved one something other than senseless-  in what sense could it be acceptable ?)


Ignorance is probably not bliss.  Knowledge, however,  is clearly not the solution to every problem.  





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