Novadiamond ( is a subsidiary of Novatek, Inc, a corporation run by David Hall. Novatek manufactures Synthetic Diamonds using the Cubic Anvil Press. It is based in Provo, Utah, and run by David Hall, the son of the inventor of the Cubic Anvil Press.

Novadiamond was created as a result of one of the many experiments run in the research sector of the company. Ever since it first became possible to manufacture Lab-created stones, researchers have been trying to find a way to cost-effectively make gem quality stones. While some have come close to this goal, truly large-scale manufacture is still a ways off.

What Novadiamond does is it takes a seemingly worthless brown diamond -- one impure enough in color to be useless for jewelry, but otherwise acceptable -- and place it under a certain degree of pressure and heat. When it comes out of the machine, it is no longer brown, but a fancy green or yellow-green. It is still chemically a diamond, but its worth has changed drastically -- fancy colored diamonds usually sell for a significantly higher than their clear counterparts.

Though it would be possible to pass a novadiamond off as a natural fancy-colored diamond, each is etched with a registration number and the company by a laser.

They are sold at a higher cost than so-called white diamonds, but are significantly cheaper than natural fancy-colored gems.

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