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I just got caught up on Dexter. It's 5:56 pm and if I start getting ready for work at 6:45 pm I know I'll have plenty of time to get there for my 8 pm shift. It's my Friday.

For those that know anything about E2 I did not sign up for the Ironman even though I'd love to try to write 30 nodes in 30 days. I've talked about why I daylog on E2 before, I really have no desire for anything I write to be nuked. I don't care if it's not worth reading, there are people in this world who are completionists, and they want to read every last word of my drivel, just so they can say: yes I've read all that Brian guy ever wrote, achievement unlocked or whatever.

Stories are wonderful things. I have a lot of stories I could tell, too. I like the idea of giving them a title...putting them in your own cleverly worded node you created here. Then when I look at sketchwick's writeups I'll have some frame of reference instead of just all these dates. When did I talk about Hot Black Girl tossing my salad? When did I talk about dropping out of college? Where was that line about Japanese Porn?

Here's a line for you:


I saw that line on a KFC sign. Thank you, America, you make me laugh.

The following is awesome to me: I wrote that down on a little piece of paper...paper I bought for waiting tables at IHOP which I no longer do. Now I deal blackjack, but I still take notes sometimes. So on the back of these paper is people's orders...breakfast and what not. So my handwriting is terrible and I had to scan it over to make sure there weren't any other writing notes somewhere. There it was.

"I have all the emotional awkwardness of Dexter, without any of the fun of killing people."

So cool to me I wrote that down and today I watched 3 episodes of Dexter in a row and I read it. And now I can crumble up this paper and dispose of it.

Maybe I'll rip it into little pieces instead, as tribute.

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