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Home sick today, had to cancel clinic.

I woke at 4:30 with a violent headache and neck pain. Nausea when I stand up and diarrhea and full body sweats. Triggered, I am afraid, partly by exercise. I am frustrated that I am still working half time so I swam Monday for the first time in a year and a half. I swam 400 yards, slow. Ten laps in our 20 yard pool. I used to swim a mile two days a week. My daughter's swim team swims 3-5 miles six days a week. They all have muscles like seals.

I was ok yesterday, though ate more than usual. I ate dinner at five, set an alarm, slept on the couch and then went rather groggily to chorus at 7. Home and bed by nine.

So it's looking like my fast twitch muscles still don't work. Or I have to build up painfully slowly. It makes me crazy impatient.

Well, I'm not dead and no one has blown up our town and my kids and niece are fine. I am finding it hard to focus on Iron Noder after the latest world violence. So going to State to watch my daughter swim and driving though rain for two hours and feeling emotional all may have contributed.

Hope I can work tomorrow.

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I got a lot of fun notifications yesterday. It's nice to see progress other than the obvious new node per day, though I'm still five days behind. I actually finished noding a write up for A Dark Room when I noticed that the node already existed and that it basically covered all the points I made except better.

That got me thinking about what I'm working for. Obviously, we participate in the IRON NODER CHALLENGE for the glory and stuff ... but it still comes with gp prizes. And that prize actually scales with the category that a noder falls into; unlike previous IRON NODER CHALLENGES which had flat prizes for each write up or per five write ups and IRON NODER status. So what do this years prizes actually look like?

As a wet paper napkin noder level (0 write ups) you get a flat 10 gp and a disapproving look. ಠ_ಠ

As a tin noder (1-4 w/u) you get 55 to 70 gp and a sense of participation.

As a aluminum noder (5-9 w/u) you get 150 to 190 gp and more writing done than you would most months.

As a brass noder (10-19 w/u) you get 300 to 435 gp and my company....for now... This is also where write ups become more valuable than the participation award.

As a bronze noder (20-29 w/u) you get 600 to 780 gp and the feeling of coming in third place.

As a IRON NODER (30-39 w/u) you get 4,200 to 4,470 gp and glory.

As a STEEL NODER (40-49 w/u) you get 5,000 to 5,360 gp and high carbon glory.

As a STAINLESS STEEL NODER (50-99 w/u) you get 6,000 to 8,450 gp and fade resistant, high carbon glory.

As a TITANIUM NODER (100-199 w/u) you get 14,000 to 23,900 gp and glory that has transcended ... something ... super glory ... ya get a whole lot of glory.

As a ORICHALCUM NODER (200-299 w/u) you get 45,000 to 64,800 gp and the secrets of Atlantis.

As a MITHRIL NODER (300-399w/u) you get 96,000 to 125,700 gp and a high five from Tolkien's ghost.

As a VIBRANIUM NODER (400-499 w/u) you get 167,000 to 206,600 gp and an all expenses paid trip to Wakanda.

As a ADAMANTIUM NODER (500 or more w/u) you get at least 258,500 gp and Logan's mutant powers. Regeneration, super senses, bone claws that hurt every time, excessive hair growth, you get it all. Don't believe me? Prove me wrong.

I make no promises regarding the correctness of my math.


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