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00:00 UTC

I begin my liquid diet in preparation for surgery at 14:30. I'm going to have my ass opened up not only to remove a pilonidal cyst but also to have an ass chip installed. (An ass chip is a storage device that attaches to the base of the spinal cord.) And of course, my ass chip will run an embedded Linux system.

01:55 UTC

I respond to several QtYNs, MotifYNs, and even GTKYNs...

...in my homenode. That's what the homenode was designed for, right?

02:03 UTC

Having used all my Level 4 votes, I am now an M-XPer. It will probably be at least another year before I'm an M-Noder though.

20:00 UTC

I'm back from butt surgery. It only took me half an hour to get out of anesthesia, but it took another hour just to find me a room in which to put my clothes back on.

Another Monday. These things are so generic. Took my cd-r to Thad's, George was over and they were playing on Thad's new Dreamcast. I'm introduced to the idea of getting a psx2 tomorrow, before they hit stores and reselling it (in the box) before xmas for over twice the price. That's $300, but I could easily sell it for eight, I'm told. I'll bite, there are only 500,000 in the US and I know some of those rich-asses at my health club will shell out $800 for their brat on x-mas. I don't know what I'll use the money for, though I'm sure I'll need it.

Once home, Alexander and I watch half of seven and then pick up mother from the Airport. The president of Degussa-Huels South America turned sixty and retired, causing him to throw a gigantic party for all high-ranking employees. Huzzah, I got a clay statue and flute, as well as two painted fishies.

The presidential race is still undecided, although hand-recounts have been approved. Regardless of how often they count them, there'll be a big enough margin of error to make the actual winner underterminable. Is this a sign of voter apathy (only the equally thin extremes vote) or red poop - blue poop candidate similarities? Probably both.

I like /msgs

Over the past week I've had a thank you for funerals should be a celebration, a big thanks for a compliment I put in a day log, death threats for calling yossarian a beautiful assistant (see when running jokes go bad for the start of that one), a couple of messages asking for help on noding (God help those users), 3 insults and grief for Important notice to people of the USA and finally, today, most importantly ...

Sensei is alive.

I had a /msg saying his lung abcess has been drained, the pneumonia seems to have gone, but he still has a fever and isn't moving freely. So I guess it will be a while till some of my old food related nodes get C!ed, but thats not important. He's up and about.

Of course, judging by the Editor Logs, Lord Brawl was away, and we didn't miss him. Awwww, lets give him a group hug when he's next on ...

I found today that one of my day logs have been cooled! My first cool, and it's a 2 line writeup telling people to go to another node! What is wrong with you people?

Have recovered over yesterday's outburst.

Am breathing deeply.

Am very close to Level 2.

I have finished reading the Illuminatus! Trilogy. It is very good. I recommend it.


Bad bad bad day. PHB is at 99% unbearable. Tried to force me into a rebuild v1.0 of product again. Stomps in, bullies his most bright people how to do their jobs, bright people respond predictably badly, leave, etc. The road that our people are travelling is littered with corpses.

Told PHB and peanut gallery that no more changes will be accomodated. No more documentation will be written. No more plans will be made past delivery of version 1.0. No further correspondence will be entered into. Really more aggressive than needs be, but these are desperate times and the product must be delivered (I cannot have such a non-delivery on my cv).

Big technical day, after all that politics, invented a frickin' brilliant approach to backing up SAMBA volumes to Retrospect on a Macintosh, updated the database server to Mandrake 7.2 (and how do I love that Mandrake? It is the most kickin' distro that I can imagine at this point in Linux's glorious state of development (all due respect to the Debian folks IGWS)..

Drinks and complaint-club with markd tonight, a sub sandwitch and now e2, until tomorrow.

Greets to sensei, break, ZamZ, dannye, girlotron, TallRoo, and others. Thank you all, you help to keep me sane.



Last night I noded that you should avoid noding about noding - and that writeup got cooled faster than most of my other writeups (that follow the very principle mentioned in the writeup).

Not that I'm whining, no, no, I just found that odd. =)

OK, I guess it's time to face the challenges of the day...


More ill-timed procrastination...

Attended the first lecture of "Internet and computer networks" course. Seems more fun than the rest of the courses in this periods (RDBMS course seems fun, too, though), and this course uses Telsi Pro too.

In the series of "Stooooopid spammers":

Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 22:28:26 -0500 (EST)
From: gdfsg@creation.digitalskillz.com
Subject: fdgdfsgfsd
To: wwwwolf@iki.fi


And nothing else. Got two of those.

Now, this really sounds like the spammer's IQ is just a bit higher than what's required to Drool Uncontrollably (after all, they know how to turn on the Intttternet), but not really much.

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: ... GURPS Y2K



Designer's block!

I have been doing non-creative things (read: PHP) for way too long. I used to be full of gfx design ideas, but now my mind is completely blank. And not in the good sense.
So, I've spent the day trying to gain inspiration from somewhere. So far there hasn't been any progress. And I need to get this design done by next week's thursday or I'm royally screwed.
I wonder what could cure this void.
Herbal remedies?
Subtle plagiarizing?

I guess at first I need to chill and stop worrying about it so damn much. After all, 1.5 weeks is a long time.. right?

Sensei is alive? That's great news. I hope a quick recovery for him - E2 is not the same without its best noder.
By the way, could somebody please resurrect Jeeves too? I really miss his nodes on the Japanese language.

Oh, right.. I just wanted to say that the latest South Park episode was quite sweet. Cruel funmaking of the election farce and Akira / 2001 references in one hilarious package. It's great to see that unlike many other American cartoons (*cough* The Simpsons *cough* Futurama) Stone & Parker have a plenty of fun in store.
The 4th episode of the Inu-Yasha anime was quite awesome. The show is really starting to pick up - at first it didn't seem half as good as the manga. But the battle with Yura (who was better than I first though after episode #3) was great. And it's great to see the fansub people being somewhat fast. We're only 2 episodes behind Nihon at the moment.

Hmm. Either I'm hallucinating or I've managed to actually lose some weight without even trying. A jacket that barely fit me last spring is now surprisingly loose. I guess it's time to start really trying, maybe it will result in results. This is the worst possible time to start such a project though, with xmas coming up...

Isn't it typical. Just when I have my head in the clouds about one guy, another guy decides to register his interest with me. Also why do things like this happen when I've got a whole heap of work to do thus can't spend the requisite hours daydreaming, delibrating and cogitating.

I do sometimes wonder about relationships.

It seems to me that timing is a huge factor. You can spend about a year, I think it was, drooling after someone hoping, praying, getting really drunk and boring all your friends about how wonderful he is but then slowly but surely your desires fade and you reconcile yourself to friendship and someone else becomes the object of your desires.
Sod's law practically dictates that it is at that point that the first guy asks you out.

hey yerricde, if it's any consolation, i have a pilonidal sinus, but have not yet experienced any infection or abcess.

it's an interesting thing, actually (when you discount that fact that it's in my butt). see, i have this odd little hole between my buttcheecks, just where my tail bone ends (well, not really a hole, it doesn't lead anywhere. it's kind of like an extra belly button). i always thought everyone had one. i was shocked and worried to find out that wasn't the case. so i asked my mother about it who told me the long and painful story of my father's pilonidal cysts. but so far, it's just an extra hole called a pilonidal sinus that i have that most people don't. hopefully it'll never get infected. the worst i experience is pain when sitting down for too long.

Here's something I found interesting:
Pathophysiology: Congenital theories dominate the first 70 years of literature. These theories suggest that pilonidal sinuses are vestigial structures, cystic remnants of the medullary canal or the result of dermal inclusions from faulty development of the median coccygeal raphe.

It has since been established that pilonidal disease is an acquired condition involving midline pits in the natal cleft. These holes or pits are enlarged hair follicles in the skin. The nature of these distorted hair follicles is unclear. It has been suggested that gravity and motion of the gluteal folds create a vacuum that pulls on the follicle. Bacteria and debris enter this sterile area producing local inflammation. Edema occludes the mouth of the follicle, which continues to expand, rupturing into the underlying fatty tissue. Keratin and pus escape and a foreign body reaction results in a microabscess, similar to perforating folliculitis.
quoted from http://www.emedicine.com/cgi-bin/foxweb.exe/showsection@d:/em/ga?book=emerg&topicid=771
on to a different subject. cozmo slept better through the night, though he still woke up at 5am and yapped. i ignored him and he went back to sleep fairly quickly. i walked him after i woke up at 6:30, got dressed, then headed to work. here i am. listening to talk radio. it's quite cold outside. but it's sunny. so i won't complain.

i am far calmer today than i was yesterday, and this is a good thing. i think a lot of it has to do with the fact that because of cozmo's somewhat annoying habit of walking all over god's green earth before going potty, i'm walking more than i usually would. though it's sometimes frustrating because the pooch doesn't want to make tinkle, being outside walking around is good for the soul. even in this fucking chilly-ass cold.
10:30 am, mom called. thank goodness. she let me know that if things don't work out well between me and cozmo, he has a home there to go to. she also told me that jane doe (her rottweiler), lost her best friend frankie. at some point, a group of dogs beat jane doe up pretty bad. frankie had always hung out with her, exploring the woods and swimming in the pond. but as soon as these dogs beat her up, frankie joined their gang. poor jane. she could use another friend. the only thing i worry about is that cozmo has long hair, and that may be kind of a pain if he turns into an indoor/outdoor dog.

so now i can really take a solid look at how i feel about cozmo, whether it makes sense for me to keep him or not. i can give things a chance. he's so sweet and wonderful, and my main worry is the amount of time i work and spend away from home on weekends. He is also just so much more active than my last dog, it feels unfair to keep him in a small apartment.

11:00 am, lunch meeting. discuss bullcrap as an excuse to eat chili mostly, but we do get to talk about where we are in our project and any new ideas that we have come up with.
I look at today's logs and figure, "Half the world" has already have had so much happen to them even before I got up this morning to go to work. I wonder whether it is worth my time to write these logs. So I decide that my perspective on daily life is somewhat interesting. I also decide that perhaps I will only write when I need to and not every day. So here it goes:

Today. My sister's birthday is today. She hasn't reached the big 30 yet. I wonder how she'd be when she does.

7:45am EST
I wake up today listening to the Humble and Fred Morning Show like I do everyday. They play a song by Pearl Jam that made me cry. I wonder what the name of the song was. I didn't bother getting the CD when it came out. It was about the car accident and how "the lord took her away from me". I think about it some more and cry. It makes me think about how fast my driving is sometimes. I will still try to be careful when I have my Love in my car.

8:30am EST
When I get to the car, I remember last night's drive home and how pleasant it was. After the whole day yesterday of feeling bad and getting angry on the most miniscule things having to do with Adobe Photoshop and work in general, popping in a Bossanova CD really made my commute more cheerful. I recall the way the cars moved, inching ever so slowly in the rush hour, people frantically driving while I enjoy my latin tunes and "The Girl from Epanema(sp?)".

So today, I find myself slipping in StereoLab. Another great commute indeed.

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The final day of classes before the national turkey freakout break. No one seems capable of taking anything seriously today which I'm completely appreciative of. I had such a hard time getting to school today that the idea of actually doing anything once I got here seemed like adding insult to injury. I had a horrible vision of myself as O.J. Simpson running through some anonymous airport. I was only trying to make it to philosophy class, though.

Last night I had a confrontation with my roommate about standards of cleanliness. I am a total anal retentive when it comes to keeping the common space of the house clean. My roomate thinks that I should clean my room before I bitch about anything. My problem this time was an issue of her avoiding doing anything with her dirty dishes to the degree where I wonder if she is a conscientious objector. So...

Dirty Dish Theory

Part of the above list is on the fridge. I'm curious what the reaction will be since my roommate and I won't be home at the same time for something like a week. The apartment that I live in is three floors so the worst situation might be hanging out in my room a little more. My capacity for creating flamebait in the real world does not cease to amaze me.

Ah well, domestic situations aside, it is time to go to history class for the sole purpose of handing in a paper. If I could stick to any sort of deadline I would still be asleep. My faith in the idea that simply adding more coffee to any situation will fix it (or at least make it happen faster) is bogus.

The day may not be yet half over, but already this is one for the books.

I woke up bright and early this morning. Showered and dressed, ate a bowl of cereal and had a glass of orange juice. I borrowed my grandmother's coat and toque, grabbed my digital camera and a felt-tipped marker. I also grabbed my "Stockwell Day - Canadian Alliance" sign, and my Gord Brown (my constituency's Alliance candidate) button.

I got in the car, and went to the Kinsmen's Hall. There I would see, live in person, for one hour only, the Real Deal. The Man himself, Stockwell Day.

What is it with these right-wing leaders and their first names?? Preston? Stockwell? ...Adolph?

Anyway, with my disguise in place, I sauntered into the hall a full half-an-hour before the Bigwig's arrival. It wasn't packed, but was quickly filling up. I grabbed an "aisle" seat on the right of the walkway Day would presumably take up to the see-through podium. Lighting guys, sound guys, and a blend of local and Alliance people fluttered about, while Gananoque's best and brightest poured through the doors. Gananoque, for those of you who don't know, is where they threw out all the bad Thousand Islands dressing. It's a native word meaning "leave at once". One devoted Alliance supporter even pulled his son out of school for what he called "a historic occasion".

I waited, and held my sign, I fidgeted, and went over the plan inside my head. About five minutes late, Gord Brown got up and said a few words. His pregnant wife smiled at him with that rehearsed "wife-of-" sincerity. Then Gord announced The Man's arrival, and they played "I'm In A Hurry To Get Things Done". He walked up the aisle-way, surrounded by "Gord Brown" sign holding muthafuckas and press galore. A few of his people were there too, I don't know if they were security or what, but they had that ever-anxious look which makes them seem important. He was shaking hands with all the aisle people, and soon he got to me.
I cocked my .357 magnum, KIDDING! I did however shake his hand, and he thanked me for coming. I blurted something out, don't remember what. I shook his wife's hand. Her name eludes me - I'm sure it's not Doris, though. Anyway, she robotically thanked me for coming too, as if echoing her husband's greeting. I said it was a pleasure to be there, and it was.

Two novelty cheques, huge mofos, were hung up on either side of the podium. One in French, one in English. They were made to look as if they were $XX,000,000,000 cheques made out to Jean Chretien from the Canadian Taxpayers. Kinda cute, but the "XX"s did not exactly reassure me as to the Alliance's mathematical ability.

Stock had the stage, said some kind things re: Gord Brown, and then moved on. Charismatic, slightly articulate and generally good-natured. That's how I'll describe his speech. I won't go into too much detail as to what he had to say. I took some pictures with my digicam, and chuckled as he talked about how the Liberals were a party "mired in the past." And right-wing fundamentalist redneck politics is new age and forward-thinking???? I'm not sure what that crazy man is thinking, but he seems to be confident enough to win the majority of our constituency's support.

Stockwell said he'd compare track records to Chretien and the Liberals anytime. Comparing Liberal records to Alliance records. Hmmm, the records of a party that has been around since, oh, let's see: 1867! with those of a newly formed, never in power Alliance. Lots to compare there...

He incorrectly stated that little more than the number of people in the room, (no more than a hundred), would be making the decision as to who would be the next president of the United States. Last I checked it was 900+, but anyway...
This struck me as interesting. I'm not sure as to why he brought up the States, other than to be throwing around another buzz-topic with the yokels, but I thought it seemed, strangely, the most unpolitical thing he discussed.

While talking about why we shouldn't let Chretien keep his job, someone in the audience of well-bred intellectuals shouted "throw the bum out!" which made Stockwell pause, reflect and pretend to write down notes.
"I hate taking someone else's lines, but..." Everybody laughed.
This from the man who stood on the shoulders of Reform leader Preston Manning, admittedly one of the least charismatic politicians of the last ten years, but important in terms of the Alliance nonetheless.

As he concluded, the country twang started and "I'm In A Hurry..." started again. As I feared, he made his way down the opposite side of the room. I waited a bit, and then at the near-to-last minute, left my coat and camera in my seat, and dashed across the room, through reporters and cameramen, and planted myself 15 feet ahead of him. I waited beside a little girl holding a Gord Brown sign. Excellent. No politician can resist little kids.

I held my Stockwell Day sign up in one hand, and my black marker in the other. As he passed I shouted "Mr. Day, an autograph please." Between the first and second repeat-shouts, his aide caught on, and figured it'd be bad publicity to let my homemade banner go home unsigned. "Mr. Day, an autograph, sir" he said into Stockwell's ear. Day turned to me, and I handed him my marker. He smiled at me, and signed the banner. He then asked me my name.

"Is that with a C or a..."
"K," I interrupted.
He wrote what looks like "Karl, To Canada!" but for some reason or another his "T" is completely and utterly insane. It looks like a slanted "]" with a line through it. It resembles an "F" more so than a "T". Maybe he went to write "For Canada!" and wrote "To Canada!" instead. Who the fuck knows, I don't ask questions - he signed his name "S-t-w-l D-a-y" for chrissake.

He then said, "Thanks for coming out Karl," and I thanked him in return. He then moved on to the little girl next to me.

What Mr. Stockwell Day did not notice, was that as he was signing the "Karl, ??? Canada!" bit, I was pulling the glue loose on my folded-over-bristle board sign. When he was with the little girl, and all the cameras were lovingly clicking, I calmly folded over the sign, revealing the "Karl Marx - World Socialism" sign. A perfect mock-up of the other side, it even sports a red and yellow version of the Alliance's famous blue and green backdrop. Complete with a little commie star, my sign may or may not have been in background of the pictures of the cute little Alliance girl.

I held my sign up for a bit, and then pushed my way through the crowds, and went back to my seat, eager to see if my camera had been lifted. When I got there, verified that nothing had been touched and went to put on my coat, I noticed a young man in a heavy coat coming towards me. I almost kinda freaked a little bit.
I mean, if I was razzing Alexa from the NDPs, I wouldn't be worried, but these were ALLIANCE SUPPORTERS!!! It's like voting for the NRA in the states, alright?

Anyway, the man approached, and said in a kind voice, "You don't look like your average Canadian Alliance supporter." And I knew at once he was a reporter.
"No, not exactly," I said, holding up my sign and grinning.
"Yeah, I saw that...Pretty clever. Do you think Mr. Day knew what he was autographing?" he asked, smiling warmly.
"Nope, probably not. He did however sign it to Karl," I flipped the sign around showing him the signature, "and my name's not Karl, so..."
He asked me some questions, and I told him I was kinda scared of the alliance, and their fundamentalist views. I told him that as a supporter of alternative politics and an advocate for freedom of choice, of religion, and of sexuality, etc., I found it disturbing to see how popular Day really is. He asked me about Stockwell, what I thought of him. This was a dream interview. I told him that Day was very charismatic, and had made a pretty meteoric rise to power, with his strong emphasis on values and moral fortitude.
"He's a pretty good speaker, isn't he?" he asked.
"Yeah, it's been over sixty years since we've seen a politician like him, and not even on this side of the ocean..." I let that sink in, and yeah, Day-Hitler comparisons are a little extreme, but hey, I'm a radical left-winger, gimme a break.

He asked how old I was, and when I told him I was nineteen, he asked if this was my first time voting. When I answered in the affirmative he asked who I could vote for in this constituency. I explained that there wasn't even an NDP rep here, and he said "I know!" in a tone that suggested he was very sympathetic to my cause. I told him I'm just going to mark "World Socialism" on my ballot. He smiled, took my name, and said he's help spread the word for me. He left chuckling about the sign, and that Stock had signed it to Karl.

I left, carefully folded my sign back over so as not to risk a shit-kickin', and took a few pics of the huge Alliance bus and convoy. I walked home in the snow, ecstatic, and look forward to watching the news tonight, and maybe even seeing a little something in the Kingston Whig-Standard.

Remember kids: It's World Socialism, because as Mr. Day says,

"It's Time For Change"
The very sky is heavy today. I am not getting any better.

Consumed by cravings, dissatisfactions, hungers, I am always several steps behind contentment. It is exhausting.

Anger bubbles up at random moments, pain is never far from the surface. The two are fast becoming indistinguishable.

I am so tired.

It snowed last night. Winter is always very depressing until it snows. Gray to white.

I went to school.

I don't remember doing anything.

Somebody I know won a contest and is going to Antarctica. Don't ask me why, 'cause I don't know. This ain't no lie, she's going. That's messed up.

I told her to bring me a penguin. We're going to name him Tux. I hope (s)he doesn't die on the plane. The penguin I mean.

I, however, am not going to Antarctica.

But it is already November, and this is Canada, and it soon will be close enough to Antarctica.

I spent too long today in our school's library. 3 classes. That's crazy.

I'm crazy.

I get this Friday off. I don't know why. It's not a holiday or anything.

I'm Canadian.

Nothing else of note.

She likes me!

I mean, I already knew that, but last night, while on vacation in Maine, she borrowed a friend's account and hunted me down by my handle to chat with me. Nothing important, of course, but she even had to figure out a Macintosh to do it.

She likes me!

Oh yeah, and I realized another reason why she's so cute.

23:00 GMT

Today has been very unproductive as far as work goes. But I'm really liking today. My attitude has done a complete change from last night. The weather is beautiful. The temperature stayed around a nice 70ºF today, so it's very enjoyable to be outside. It's like there's air conditioning everywhere, but the air is fresh. I wish the weather was the same everyday as it is today.

I have so much energy today. I was actually skipping down the cube asiles today at work, and jumping in place. My muscle pain has nearly disappeared and I'm starting to feel good again.

This morning, I took care of a few things that I've been meaning to do for a while. I dropped off some laundry and set up a new appointment with my doctor. I forgot to go last week, but they didn't give me a hassle at all, though they kind of acted strange because I went there in person to set up the appointment. I guess they seemed concerned that maybe I was there because I was not feeling well. It's kind of a coincidence that I wound up with a pretty asian lady as my doctor. I was referred to her by my HMO doctor (back when I was on an HMO), but since that doctor burned me with a $140 bill for missing an appointment, I'm not going back to him anymore. Besides, this new doctor is a specialist in high blood pressure, and she is very pretty, so being the geek-who-loves-asian-women that I am, I'll most likely do anything she tells me to do, without question.

After I left my apartment and got down to my car, I forgot to bring my laundry with me, so I went back up to my apartment to pick it up, and I couldn't get the deadbolt lock open. Apparently the cooler weather has caused the metal in the door frame and the deadbolt to be pushed together. I had to go down to the apartment office and have someone come and force the lock open for me. I could have done that myself, but I was afraid to break my key off in the lock. They had duplicates so they were able to risk it. I thought that something might go wrong with the lock when I had a hard time locking it.

I got to work and the power went out within a few minutes. Since the computers for the programmers are not on the generator, we decided to go to lunch at Hops. We all had the lunch hamburger special which was $5 for burger, french fries, and a drink. That's cheaper than fast food. Then there's the tip, but that's still only $6 for real food.

When we got back, I had a few small tasks to take care of, and then TC asked me if I wanted to go with her and the web designer guy out to the surf shop to pick up some stuff. I didn't really have anything else to do (and I like hanging with TC, she's so pretty and nice), so I went along (actually I drove, since I had the most trunk space in case we picked anything big up). We drove along the beach on A1A with the windows down, which was just beautiful with the great weather. On our way back, we hit some traffic, which must be the people leaving early to start their Thanksgiving vacation.

After I got back to work, I found out that the big project I had ready to do tonight was cancelled, so I don't have anything to do today or tomorrow. TC and JS decided to go home early, and I figured I'd stick around for a while becuase it was too early to go to the gym.

Someone from the support department was telling me that he is part of a band that's playing in a small bar in the same area next to where my Gym is located, so I might stop by there tonight to check the place out.

I feel really good today. I don't know why. People seem to be especially nice today, I guess because of the impending vacation time, or maybe just the great weather. I know I'm going to my parent's house for thanksgiving, so I've not much to worry about as far as finding something to do this weekend. I still wish I had a special someone to do something with for this holidays, but I'm feeling pretty good right now so I'm not going to start thinking about that stuff again.

Tonight my parents will probably stop by my apartment since they were supposed to go down to Miami for a WWF match. I'm not much into that stuff myself (they invited me, I declined). My dad and/or brother may stay with me until thursday when I drive up to their house, so I hope they have a way to keep themselves entertained tomorrow while I'm at work.

I'm thinking about taking a Japanese class at FAU (JPN 1120). I'm learning the written language out of a book, but that's progressing slowly. I need to start going back to college again so I can keep my brain cells from going stagnant. I haven't learned anything significantly new and exciting in a while, mostly because I'm feeling a bit burned out on computers lately. I need something to do besides computers, and taking some classes might be a nice distraction. Besides, it would be a great place to make some friends and get out there and socialize.

I should start a list of things I need to remember to do here. I spend enough time writing these nodes, and I check back to them fairly frequently to make updates, so it should be a good place to keep small notes to myself. It should be interesting to look back on as well.

Things to remember to do tomorrow:

Well, it's still too early to go to the gym tonight, but I'm bored. I really have nothing else to do, so I might as well go.

But first, I now have to go back up through this daylog and find interesting things to hardlink. Bah. When do we get automatic hardlinking? :)

03:44 GMT

Ok, so I went to the Gym, spent about an hour there. I did the exact same workout as I did on saturday, but I didn't kill myself this time. I didn't feel like passing out or throwing up. I felt pretty good. As a matter of fact, I went straight home and cleaned my apartment. The whole thing. It is finally clean. This has never happened before. It has been a mess since the day I moved in. Holy shit, I've got new energy. I know it for sure now. This rocks. WHOO HOO!

"It goes one for the treble, two for the bass, she's got nut all over her face."

Things aren't really bad, but aren't good either. In English, it's Lou's birthday, Elise made him a card. Hai'Jing thinks Elise likes Lou, whatever. Feng is not nice, she keeps comparing me to this weird looking guy on a poster in our room, she say's I'm pale like he is. I go to her "I can't helping being 25% Irish." and she's like "I'm only kidding." Bullshit. I need to forget what she says, because if I let her get to me, I'll end up getting all depressed.

Music lit was hilarious, I scored a 90 on a test, I do not spend one moment awake in that class. Another girl got a 14, out of 100, I can't see how you could manage that. On to lunch, Christine thinks she can 'cure' me from liking asians, so she points them out and then tells me not to look, some plan. I'm sure it will work about as well as her plan to keep me off caffeine, which is not at all.

In Chem, I talked with Fillip and Caitlin, nothing much got accomplished but it's better than working or anything. Gym with Allen Jones, my volleyball team lost both games and I kept getting yelled at by my teammates. If you want me to play my position, why don't you play yours, and stop jumping in front of everyone half the time, bastards. I had a quiz in Algebra 2/Trig, beforehand I took an Excedrin and damn did I focus and get it done in like 7 minutes to the surprise of lots of people.

After the long day we had a pep rally, what a piss poor way to end a day. My friend Joe goes to me "You know, it was probably a rally like this that started the nazi party." If Chris would have been in school he coulda got us both out and driven home before the damn thing. Cheering, Music, loud, manufactured, all rolled into one hourlong event. People cared, I mean people actually made a big deal of it, like it mattered, I asked a girl what we would get if our class won, and she answered me, "Nothing." And that's about how much time you should put into the entire idea of it.

Quote of the day: "School spirit can suck my cock"

I was all ready for it to be this really shitty, disappointing day but I was all wrong. I had two tests, one in Consumer Behavior: a total non-subject. The other was in Japanese. I spent the weekend trying to study CB, but it did not work. I just couldn't focus on something so inane. But - the test went ok. The information was all stored somewhere very, very deep and I was equipped for spelunking. I had a lot of trouble with nausea before the test and had to do some of it doubled over. Can't wait to see what the Dr's next diagnosis is.

The Japanese test was today. I successfully wrote all the kanji except for the second half of hospital. Damn. I have no idea why my Prof. finds it necessary for us to know the kanji for constipation. I read, I absorb, I expel the information. No constipation here.

Outside dazzled white. Snow makes everything smell so good! There were two slick guys smoking pot on the side of my path to school. I started coughing furiously as I passed them. They got all scared looking until I said "Just kidding". They then called after me asking if I was from England. I faked not hearing. I hate that question.

I went to my Japanese Students Association meeting; they finally gave me my purple laminated card. I met this insanely ambitious Japanese girl who has been to forty countries and speaks beautiful English. Not only were her experiences interesting, her observations were original too. Rare indeed.

D-chan? A little help here plz?

It seems I'm not as free as I thought. Have been offered (and sort of demanded I take it) this "option":

stay at WS nxt year and do 3 subjects: maths/stats, physics, english. at the same time do a paper extramurally (by correspondence) from MU - programming fundamentals or similar. The school will pay for the course.

She wants an answer by tonight, school needs answer by tommorrow.

Your opinion would be highly helpful.... :|

Factors and things:

* She says it'll keep my options open for the future wrt: choice of university and such, not just having to stay at UT. and if i bum (her word) out of UT then i won't die horribly in a gutter (my phrase).

* I'd have to stay at WS, and I'm not sure I'm prepared to do that.

* I've already told everyone I'm leaving, heh.

* at least it's only 3 classes & heaps of spare time.

* sorta give me a years reprive, 'tho I might just get more and more depressed.

* I want to do something different, somewhere other than here. ick.

* I'd still be w/ you and tuchan. that's good. yes.

Reply tonight or asap. plz. gah.


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