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2011-11-24 11:50 UTC

For those of you who celebrate it: Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, well, well. It's that time of year again. One thing that's starting to grind my gears lately is the the appearance of Christmas music in shops and on the radio when Thanksgiving's not even over yet. They can't even wait till Black Friday?! I'm glad I'm not one who listens to FM radio much, as I have plenty of music and am always getting more. So I'll listen to Christmas music on my terms and the tracks I want to hear, when the time's right (around a week and a half before Christmas Day). On a positive note, my mum's cooking a nice, big dinner for the family, and we're having some friends over. Her sister's going to be helping with some of the cooking by bringing her own foods for us as well. Also, I think Thanksgiving ought to be switched to the last Thursday in November. While a small change, it gives a little more time to prepare on average. As it is currently, Thanksgiving could fall as early as 22 November, which to me just feels a bit early for this holiday.

I saw the woman who I was anxious around again a few times since the last time I mentioned her. My feelings haven't changed much. Ditto, I guess.

I'm considering getting a BlackBerry Storm 2 (9550) to mess around with & compare to current touch screen BlackBerries.

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