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Ugh ... flaky, oxidized ... the end draws nigh ... I just want to sleep ... no, no I must push on. Steel myself for the last day of ... IRON NODER.

Wow, nothing like constant writing to underline just how bad I am at writing.

Every subject is so much deeper than I think it is and wants to bloom into its own book. I don't have time for that. Hofstadter's law everything takes longer than you think it will even if you take Hofstadter's law into account.

Then I go fast and the wording is clumsy and why does spell check say that word is mispelled, it looks fine to me. Being dislezec dislexec dyslexec dyslexic sucks.

And then there's the hyper linking. What part of this write up needs to be blue? Hm, oh that word is almost interesting; who cares if it actually connects to anything!

At least I get a chance to clean out all of the drafts I forgot about ...


... I just remembered why I forgot about these.

Okay, okay I can make this work, just gotta see if anyone noded a it as one word instead of two and-CRAP! They did and it's not something I can improve on.

Have I created any node shells I can fill?



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